Friday, 3 July 2015

In search of a Legacy

As Obama approaches the last years of his Presidency, he is looking for every chance to establish a legacy. In the past week the Supreme Court handed him two wins – Obamacare and Same Sex Marriage, which he once opposed. Now he is trying to compare himself to Ronald Reagan. Let us look at this latest attempt to ingratiate himself to historians.

When he became President Obama promised to ‘transform America’ - Well he has succeeded in a certain sense but not necessarily for the better. His healthcare will be judged in future years, and as costs and premiums go up it is not certain that the 51% of Americans who oppose the program are going to allow it to continue.
On the economy, his failed socialist policies have created a debt of $19 trillion, and true unemployment is at its highest levels. For the past six years there has been no real economic recovery, and yet taxes have gone up and redistribution of wealth through wage policies may increase unemployment, especially among young uneducated Americans.

Within months of his election, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, not for any great accomplishment but only for being African American. He used the race card at every opportunity to push his socialist agenda, and today racial tensions are at their worst in years. On foreign policy, he has been a disaster and an apologist who has created chaos around the world. He cannot be blamed for armed conflicts but for caving in to every terrorist organization and Vladimir Putin.
Today, many allies of America are concerned and no longer trust the U.S.  Iran has taken control in most of the Middle East. And yet the Obama the administration with the help of a feckless Secretary Kerry is about to grant Iran the possibility of acquiring nuclear weapons, within ten years or even sooner. Russia has not only invaded Ukraine, but is now providing missiles to Iran, in a bold move reminiscent of the Cold War. 
If Obama believes that he should be recognized as a transformational President like Reagan, maybe he should be reminded of some facts. Reagan rebuilt a faltering economy, he brought Russia to its knees and the Cold War was ended. Iran was put into its place after the Ayatollahs’ coup that got rid of the Shah and the hostage taking. By contrast Obama will leave the world in a chaos only seen after World War II. The Middle East crisis will linger and more lives will be lost. His approach to open diplomatic relations with communist Cuba does nothing to liberate the oppressed Cubans. While surrendering to the enemies of the Western world, Obama dissed his closest ally and neighbor. He will also leave many Eastern European nations open to the whims of a new Russian dictator.

Now with the 2016 Presidential elections fast approaching, Obama tries to create a legacy like Reagan by trying to continue his failed presidency by getting Hillary Clinton in the White House. But what we must remember is that his latest critic is Jimmy Carter, an expert on failed foreign policy, who hinted that Obama’s presidency maybe a failed one – he should know as his title of worse President is going to be passed to Obama.

Uninformed Canadians in a recent poll overwhelmingly supported Obama.  The liberal media wants to compare the ‘smart’ Obama presidency to Reagan’s, who they once referred to as the old and senile actor.
To even hint that Obama is to be compared to Reagan is to say that Stalin should be viewed in the same light as Churchill. -  Oh Bummer!

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