Friday, 28 November 2014

Conservatives :Dead or Alive?

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The eighties were the golden age of conservatism. With leaders like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Brian Mulroney in power in their respective countries, it was a time when the values and principles of conservatism were at their apogee.

After a significant downturn under the weak leadership of then President Jimmy Carter, we saw an upturn in free trade and economic growth. America came back as a proud country after the Iran debacle. Communism was being challenged and was on its death bed. We saw the fall of apartheid, and South Africa was finally moving towards a true democracy. During George H. W Bush tenure as president we witnessed unprecedented events; as The Soviet Union lost its hold, the Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall fell

Upon Bill Clinton’s arrival things changed rapidly as America became increasingly progressive in its policies. The left had been growing in stature in the free world, despite the 8 years of George W. Bush. President Obama’s promise of ‘hope and change’ brought more leftist policies which gradually morphed into socialism.

The U.S and Canada shared border, close geographical and cultural proximity has a major effect on our political landscape. In the US and Canada you have a celebrity cultural norm backing leftist candidates via social media.   The electoral process has turned into something of a media circus. Canada needs to keep close tabs on its media to ensure unbiased reporting that influences election results. The US media has s significant influence on how Canadians think and vote...
The twice elected Obama certainly gave hope to the left, but we rarely see a true evaluation of his policies by the Canadian media. Since generally we have been a more ‘progressive’ nation, any perceived Obama success emboldens Canada left. It is important to expose his blunders, to show how socialist/liberal ideas and policies not only fail but also endanger the security and economic liberty of us all.

“Conservatives: Dead or Alive?”  analyses the differing positions and paradigms facing both the left and the right today. We tackle how both the left vs the right ideology ideas attempt to remedy the major issues, including education, healthcare, climate change, national divides, immigration, and cultural/social values facing the next generation and generations to come.
Some very important elections will be faced by both Canada and the US in the coming 2014, 2015 and 2016 years.  Like all previous elections they will have consequences of its past to bear.  In the U.S the failed policies of Obama may give rise the Republicans. In Canada despite a Canadian Conservative government for the past eight years, we are not guaranteed the progressives have disappeared.

 This book is meant to be provocative, to elicit a discussion about the values of conservatism v/s liberalism. Today’s small ‘c’ conservatives seem to have disappeared as progressivism has made large inroads, especially in Canada. Too often we are seeing many conservatives fighting among each other in their search for power. These actions have known and well documented reactions, contributing to the erosion of conservative values and principles.. In order for conservatism to survive this book will act as a sounding to conservatives everywhere, as a call to put social issues on the back burner, and concentrate on true conservative principles in order to survive and flourish in the future.