Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The left’s hypocrisy has no bounds

The world has been freed from a terrorist, and yet the left around the world seems to be in mourning. Echoes of war mongering follows Trump’s order to eliminate an international terrorist threat have reached a level of partisanship so great that we will support our enemies because we hate the policy of a duly elected President?
 Iran has been at war with the United States since 1979, when the revolutionary militants took over hostages and the American embassy in Tehran, Ever since then the Iranian head of Iran’s powerful Quds force, Qassim Soleimani, has been the architect of attacks on Israel and American forces and assets and has supported terrorist militias like Hezbolla, and Hamas. He has ordered attacks on American troops and has been the ‘de facto’ second in command of the Iranian government after the Ayatolla, who would not still be in power for the army. His atrocities and killing of his own people, let alone foreigners have seen no exceptions. His actions over the years have made him the most wanted ‘terrorist’ after Bin Laden, and was branded as such by the Bush administration. Several U.S administration under different Presidents have allowed this butcher to operate with impunity in the Middle East, but in death the Democrats have sided with him rather than their elected President.
It is said that politics make strange bed fellows. What is so egregious is the behavior of the Democrats who will do everything to undermine Trump. While I disagree with Trump’s idea to attack cultural sites, which is a war crime, the world should support his decision to protect American citizens. His foreign policies may have been murky, but he was elected to end the wars. He showed tremendous restraint after attacks on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, a missile attack on Saudi oil refineries, the taking of U.S sailors by the Iranian, the downing of a U.S drone, among many attacks by other terrorist groups supported by Iran on Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. The straw that that broke the camel’s back was the death of an American contractor and the brazen attack on the Iraqi U.S embassy, which incidentally is a declaration of war.
The Democrats want to restrict the President’s powers; they have tried this tactic since the day he was elected. They are so partisan that they ignore many precedents. Obama killed more people with drones; including an American terrorist, he killed Osama Ben Laden without going to Congress. Obama released billions of dollars in cash to Iran, which was then used to finance terrorists. The idea that the killing of the terrorist mastermind will cause WWIII, is ridiculous. It may cause military conflicts, but it is foolish to think that China and Russia would enter a war with the U.S to protect Iran. As for the demand to consult allies before conducting foreign policy is even more preposterous, given that allies today would rather negotiate with the enemy than take action. Are we sure that France and Germany are still allies of the U.S? They are more inclined to deal with Iran for economic purposes rather than curtail Iran’s continued nuclear ambition.  The progressive axis created by Obama to make the nuclear deal with Iran, also had China and Russia as partners. Today Iran is conducting joint military exercise with these two powers who are more interested in obstructing the U.S and creating bases in the Middle East. Obama’s appeasement policies created a situation where Iran was given free rein to have a nuclear weapon in fifteen years. Not forgetting the debacle of the Bush administration’s WMD in Iraq, we must not ignore that Iran has never given up the idea of becoming a nuclear power. Iran is the great disruptor in the Middle East; their strategy is based on a religious ideology which divides the region on sectarian lines- Shiite v/s Sunni. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel, and the West.
Trump was elected on a campaign to end wars, but circumstances change and actions must be taken when the security of the nation is at stake. Protecting failed Obama policies of appeasement by undermining the constitutional powers of the President is the greatest danger because it emboldens enemies of the U.S. Democrats playing politics based on hate for their duly elected President, is the danger to the world.