Wednesday, 21 December 2016

2016: The year of Delusional Liberals

As the year comes to a close, we would be remiss if we do not acknowledge what happened in 2016. The Trump phenomena should give conservatives a real boost. For liberals, on the other hand, it seems that they are ripe for psychiatric therapy, and more importantly we should be aware of the continued and growing delusions of the left around the world and at home.

When Donald Trump started his campaign for the Presidency, a vast majority did not give him any chance of winning; neither did I because at first he did not articulate his policies. During the months leading to the elections he was accused and marred by many controversies, justified or not. But in the end he prevailed and won a historic victory over a failed candidate. As a result the left has now found themselves in a state of delusion rarely seen in politics. It is not a malaise seen in the U.S alone, but it seems that the contagion has spread around the world, especially in countries with socialist governments, including Canada.

After the November 8 elections, the Democrats have searched for excuses to explain their biggest defeat since the twenties. Blaming the Russians to the FBI and then the electoral system, they refuse to accept that Clinton was a failed candidate with huge baggage, starting with her campaign staff and the liberal mass media. The Wikileaks releases showed how the elitist Democrats dismissed their opponent and the electorate, and how biased the media was. The campaign was a bust as it relied on a continuation of the Obama presidency with no new ideas. Their delusion was that the past eight years had been a success, notwithstanding massive unemployment, a world in chaos and the failed promises of hope and change.

There was a call for a recount in three states by the Green Party. In Wisconsin the result was that Trump gained votes and the other two states cancelled the recount. As the Electoral College vote approached, a campaign started for the voters to switch their votes. Not having learnt their lesson, that celebrities are not that bright and their support of Clinton had failed, some irrelevant Hollywood celebrities came out with a video to sway the voters. The result was that ‘faithless’ electors switched 5 votes from Clinton and only 2 from Trump. Once again the delusion of Democrats showed itself to be very apparent.

In his last address before leaving for Hawaii, President Obama stated that the United States was now more respected and liked around the world and that the country was more prosperous. He once again ignored that his true legacy will be Aleppo, when he imposed a ‘red line’ which turned pink and then disappeared, resulting in the slaughter of thousands of innocents. Furthermore, his wife in an interview with Oprah, had the impudence to state that the Trump’s election has now brought ‘No Hope’, to the country. Contrary to her diatribe, the market place as validated by the rise in the DOW since the election shows that there is real hope for a better world economy.

After the latest attack in Berlin, Angela Merkel stated that it was: “A gruesome and ultimately incomprehensible act.” Ignoring that it was her feckless refugee policy that may be at the root of the problem. 

Closer to home, the NDP in Alberta and PM Trudeau continued to extol their failed policies. Their climate change policies  will see the imposition of direct and indirect taxes on everything which they claim to be good for the consumer. Their blind acceptance of the Paris agreement will make a mockery of the Canadian economy for years to come.

In Alberta the failed Progressive Conservatives, are in the throes of a leadership race. Once again the progressives in the party are still suffering from the delusion that  their loss to the NDP was not their fault. Sandra Jansen, a leadership candidate, who saw that her campaign was going nowhere defected to the NDP, showing that she had absolutely no idea about political ideology. In this case it was delusions of grandeur.

But the most absurd display of illusions came from Vice President Joe Biden when in a futile and useless visit to Canada he stated that the world needed genuine leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  A laughable  statement at best, but yet Jim Warren, a Liberal columnist believed in it and wrote a column in the Sun newspaper entitled: “How Trudeau can lead on the world stage”. We should remember that like Obama, Trudeau has never run anything before entering politics.  His success is derived from his father’s accomplishments and nothing else.

The left around the world are now reaping the bitter fruits of their so-called progressive policies. Their continued belief that it is everybody else’s fault rather than their own, displays a complete mental failure which in many cases may require therapy for some.

The real positive result of this delusional failure of the left is that if conservatives around the world learn a lesson and regroup with pragmatic conservative principles, they can regain the upper ground. A united conservative movement at all levels under a Trump leadership can bring back real hope and change, not the phony liberal view of a multilateral world dominated by socialist policies and organizations.

As this is my last 2016 blog, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.