Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Case against Trump

At 2.30 am on November 09, 2016, the Democrats realized that their dreams of a continued progressive agenda in the White House had vanished. Ever since then, it has been an all-out war to discredit the democratically elected Donald Trump. It seems that every day a new charge or alleged constitutional breach is brought up. So where is the case to impeach him?
There is this continued assertion that Hillary Clinton lost the election because there was some collusion between the Russians, Trump and his campaign. As a result the Democrats succeeded in getting the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the possible connection with Russia. Failing that there is the assertion that the President’s firing of FBI Director Comey was a result of his interference in the Russia/Flynn investigations.
More recently a leak to the media suggests that the President gave classified information to the Russians during a meeting with the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Secretary. So far nothing has been proven. The real crime here may be the leaks, not the declassification. It is also alleged that he may have interfered with the Flynn investigation when a Comey memo was published that said: “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,”
 So far nothing has been proven, and all the accusations are pure speculation by Democrats, comedians turned political pundits, and the international Liberal media. In fact where is the proof for any of these allegations? Lots of smoke, but no fire yet.
Let us look at each case:
Russia has been interfering in elections around the world for years, as have other powerful nations including the U.S. Therefore there is no doubt that Russia was trying to influence the elections, but so far there is no tie to Trump or his campaign team. Clinton’s loss is not the result of Russia’s interference but rather her terrible campaign.

FBI Director Comey was at the centre of two important decisions which may have affected the elections. First he never did anything about the meeting of the Attorney General and former President Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona. Then he released the fact that Hillary Clinton e-mails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer were of a classified nature. Before the elections Democrats were asking for his head on a platter, yet when he was fired the same people are accusing the President of interference. They also conveniently forget that the position of FBI Director is not a lifetime appointment, and that the incumbent can be fired by the President, and that President Clinton did fire a FBI Director.  If the recently released Comey memo that is being used to prove obstruction of justice is so pivotal why was it not released in February when it was written? Why was the Attorney General’s Office not appraised of the President’s demands? Two things come to mind: One the memo was released after the firing of a disgruntled employee and two there was no demand it was a ‘hope’.

What about the release of classified information? In this case when the President met with the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Secretary he allegedly told them about some classified information provided by the Israelis about ISIS. For the uninitiated, the President can classify and declassify information period. More importantly the information was about defeating a common enemy. While the left is crying foul, even the Israelis were not averse to its release. Remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so why not provide information that could help defeat the enemy. By the way Obama offered classified information to the Russians in 2016, why no investigation?

Since everybody is trying to make a case against the President and so far without much success, I will make the case for him.
Most of his difficulties are self-inflicted. Trump is not a politician, but a successful businessman, who managed a huge private empire without much corporate governance interference, because he was the sole decision maker.  When he became President he had to learn a lot about the complexities and intrigues of government. He wants to drain the swamp and it is proving to be difficult because there are so many snakes and alligators. While he has been masterful in the appointment of his cabinet, there are many important positions left unfilled because of the continued obstruction by the Democrats. Furthermore his West Wing is devoid of a Chief of Staff equal to the task. I believe that some changes are necessary and in my opinion a Newt Gingrich should be the new Chief of Staff to help the President navigate the political jungle.
More importantly he should discard his addiction to Twitter. During the campaign he proved to be the best communicator of his policies, but he did it in speeches not 142 characters, which in many cases leaves too many hanging chads and innuendos, that can be misconstrued, thus creating much confusion and chaos.
As for the Democrats, the RINO in Chief John McCain and his Republican No-Trumper cohort they may still rue the day that independent Counsel Robert Mueller, was chosen to do the investigation. The parameters given to him are so broad that Clinton’s shenanigans may still be under investigation.
Trump likes to win. To achieve a victory, he should put his huge ego aside, stop fighting the media, and instead focus on his agenda of economic growth, national security and government reform. For somebody who made a name by saying “You’re fired”, he should start by cleaning house as quickly as he can. There are too many rats from the previous administration left around him. While a special counsel, not a prosecutor, has been appointed to investigate the so-called Russian connection, I believe that if he has done nothing wrong, that the investigation may well be a positive for him. However he should stay clear of making any comments on the issue until all the findings from the different investigating committees have been released 
To make America great again, not only does it require great policies but it demands a disciplined leader to lead the charge. Trump can be this leader, if he discards his Apprentice persona and behaves like the President of the United States.