Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Most Dangerous Canadian Alive


Some time ago, after reading Mark Carney’s book: Values Building a Better World for All, I wrote a post in Facebook, and said that Mark Carney was more dangerous that Trudeau. In a brilliant analysis by Peter Forster in the National Post, he confirmed my suspicions; and this is why:

When you have a Pandemic which has ravaged nations and decimated the world economy, it is very easy to say that the government will have a role to play to attempt to get the economy back to normal. Massive amount of debt has been created by certain governments to revive the economy, but too often some ideologues have used government money to further an agenda. In Canada and the United States, we have the perfect tandem of politicians who believe in a socialist ideology, and who are prepared to use the pandemic as a fulcrum to install socialism in North America. In Canada we have a vacuous Prime Minister who has no experience and in the U.S we have senile President who is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by operatives running a third Obama term in office. In this vacuum of leadership is being occupied by some very dangerous cabals who are outside of governments but who also have much influence on the economy.

While everyone is focused on the devastating pandemic, these cabals have taken over and are gradually imposing policies and treaties of a globalist nature. Mark Carney is one of these influencers. He is a former Governor of the Bank of Canada and of the Bank of England. I have respect for his intellect, but his past deeds leave me suspicious, and now in is book he lays down his economic philosophy which in my opinion is much too close to those of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. He is also a proponent of the Net Zero concept that believes that human emissions must be eradicated by 2050 unless we face a climate Armageddon. As a result, he also embraces the views of an indoctrinated teenager Grata Thurnberg as if she was a climate expert. I cannot believe for one minute that Carney really believes that Thurnberg is an expert, but that he may just be pandering to her followers for a nefarious economic agenda. As an influencer his comments have the greatest impact on investors with his organization called the Network for Greening the Financial System, a club of central banks and of course environment regulators. As Forster writes: “Part of Carney’s strategy is to force ‘voluntary’ standards on banking and industry, then have governments make those standards compulsory.” His agenda is more perverse than people may think, because he prefers to circumvent democratic institutions. This approach is globalism at its worst. A recent example is upcoming the G7’ ministers’ expected agreement to support a global minimum corporation tax, a move which comes as governments around the world struggle with record levels of public borrowing made during the pandemic. In many ways governments struggle because some of them used the pandemic, not only to combat Covid 19 but to install socialist policies to gain votes and create dependency on governments’ largess.  This agreement, in my opinion, is an attack on a competitive free market. To minimize corporate tax evasion is one thing but to have a global corporate tax is another. A world minimum corporate tax will prevent corporations from choosing where to operate. It will also stop smaller countries like Ireland to be competitive and attract corporations to their jurisdictions. As a result, I believe that the movement of trade and industrial growth in smaller countries will be impeded.

Now having looked briefly at Carney’s philosophy, I say briefly because his lengthy book contains even more dangerous ideas; and we must ask ourselves, is he the most dangerous man around today? In my opinion he may well be. His background and past experience puts him in a very elite circle of influencers, and his strategy to save humanity is just a front to gain power, the same agenda of many transnational progressives like Soros,Bezos, Gates et,al.

I not only worry about the power of influencers like Carney, what really concerns me is that ordinary citizens of the world have no idea what is being concocted behind their backs. Our education system has indoctrinated a whole generation which unfortunately will embrace the proclamations of these globalists without having the ability to critically assess their agendas. As a Canadian, the biggest threat for me is that Carney becomes Trudeau’s successor. If this happens Canada may well move to a future that could be irreversible. As Prime Minister he will have a seat of power among the leaders of the world and create global policies that could entrench socialism in the free world to an extent that would fulfill the once unachievable dreams of Marx, Engels and Lenin

Thursday, 13 May 2021

‘Investment’ the defining issue in the next Calgary Municipal Elections


As the number of candidates for Calgary’s Mayoral Seat increases, Calgarians should be very careful in choosing who should be the City’s next Mayor. With a continuing pandemic causing business closures, candidates will now claim that they are ‘pro-investment’ to help the private sector. There is no doubt that businesses need help to recover, but in my opinion the effects of closures have been so great that at least 25% of businesses may never recover. Furthermore, with the collapse of the oil industry we have seen the downtown area suffer in more ways than one. Buildings are empty, and the surrounding area businesses are suffering from the lack of customers. The area is deserted and the safety and security of citizens after dark is now at its lowest point.

As a result of this economic downturn, governments of all levels are now talking about ‘investing’, which in reality means spending tax payers’ money. While I have always supported government involvement in growing the economy, I have preferred a different approach to spending and have supported the use of policies that provides incentives and tax deferral rather than direct subsidies. When government funds businesses it is always a problem in choosing winners and losers. Whereas if government allowed business to invest and provide them with an incentive through reduced taxes or special depreciation incentive, ordinary citizens do not  end up paying  through increase taxation to fund the private industry. The reality is that there is always only one taxpayer. If governments use accumulated surpluses to fund these ‘investment’ it is means that government previously overtax citizens to accumulate these surpluses.

Surpluses should be used to reduced taxes or provide services more efficiently, and not to subsidize private businesses. The Revitalization of Calgary’s downtown, by all three levels of government, is nothing but subsidies to private owners of buildings which may or may not be converted into residential buildings. In fact perhaps only three or four buildings in that area may be converted to residential at great expense. Federal money to fund infrastructure should not be used to refurbish high rise commercial  towers, but rather should be used to improve our roads  and transportation system. This revitalization is proposed to be over ten years, this may or may not happen as the economy changes, and yet Council decided to commits millions of dollars to this project.

The other elephant in the investment room is the Entertainment Center. The City committed to ‘invest’ part of the $500 million earmarked for the project. Already there seems to be some problems due to the rising costs of material and other economic factors which may increase the costs by another $70 million. I never opposed the project but always opposed the financing  model. There is also an added City expenditure for parking in the area amounting to close to $50 million. The agreement provides too little financing from the private organization and puts too much risk on the Calgary taxpayer. Even those who support this type of funding, must realize that even after using their tax money, as users they will still have to pay a ‘ticket tax’ to use the facility. I have always preferred a model that would have used ‘tax free’ municipal bonds’ that would have provided citizens with a means to directly participate in the project and thus reduce the burden of ordinary tax payers.

Many of these expenditures have been approved with little citizen participation; in fact many of these decisions were taken by Council behind closed. Calgarians have demanded more transparency and accountability, and yet when choosing the next Mayor, very few citizens really know who have supported these huge expenditures. Two of the Mayoral candidates, Councillors Davison and Gondek, voted for every expenditure and funding decisions made by Council on these large and expensive projects, and voted for every tax increase imposed in the past four years.  So when candidates tell you that they are ’pro investment’ it really means one thing – more  expenditures and therefore more tax increases to fund similar projects. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric that it will benefit all Calgarians. While the result may be partly to the benefit of some sectors of Calgary, the greater beneficiaries will be the private investors, who will be getting tax payers money to fund their enterprises or revitalization of their buildings.

It is therefore incumbent upon Calgarians to make sure that they know who are supporting these ‘pro investment’ candidates. I venture to say that it will be large corporations, including international ones and private owners who are going to be beneficiaries in one form or another. Do not be fooled by a slick Marketing expert, because it is very easy to sell anything when you use taxpayers’ money and not your own. When you choose your candidate remember that investment really means expenditure and when it is done by the government it always results in more taxes.

Monday, 9 November 2020

A 10 foot Pole for Pollsters


No matter who wins the 2020 Presidential election, there are a number of loses which we should be very aware of. The predicted ‘blue wave’ never happened, the predicted double digit Biden lead did not materialize, and the total biased media was exposed. So why do we have polls?

The most important election of the 21st century ended in a more divided United States. Ever since his election as President Trump in 2016, the media and the delusional Democrats have tried everything to undermine his presidency. The defeat of Hillary Clinton, resulted in the impeachment of the President based on what may turn out to be false information and evidence concocted by the Clinton campaign. Furthermore the same people, who have told us for four years that most people believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections, now believe that it is not possible to interfere in the 2020 elections.  Every day, for the past four years, the Democrats have vilified the President, sometimes helped by his own predilection for Tweeting.  We have never seen the hate expressed by the main stream media (MSM), who have become a front for the Democrats. They ignored Biden’s connection with China, Ukraine and Russia. There were no real questions for the candidate during the campaign. In fact the MSM made the Covid-19 Pandemic the main reason for the elections, and allowed the candidate to stay away from public scrutiny.  Of course the pandemic is real and important but they ignored the achievements and success of the President’s administration.

What is important to know is that the media used every single poll to determine how the race was being shaped. The problem is that polls, once again, have been faulty and totally wrong.  In recent past the polling industry has got it wrong several times; Brexit, Trump’s win in 2016, to name but two cases, and now the prediction of a landslide by Biden. While Pollsters do not work for the media, it seems that today there is a symbiotic relationship between the two. The media uses polls to project their preference for a candidate or an issue. The pollsters seem to ignore the use of good sampling because they want to get results that would endear themselves to the media. The lack of a new approach to sampling is very concerning. Do they deliberately sample a more favourable group for their desired outcome? While this is not proven, it does seem that their failure to get it right exposes their bias. Sampling of registered voters and the reluctance of participants to give a true answer is clouding the results of polls, and in my view is making the polling industry redundant. Polls today seem to be used for voter suppression; that is to discourage the opponent’s supporters to vote because their chosen candidate is so low in the polls.

Politicians today rely on polls for everything. It seems that no decision is being made based on political principles, but rather based on data that is geared to get a desired outcome. Polling questions are designed in such a way as to hide the real bias of the poll. The result is that when the public votes the reality does not align with the prediction. For example Trump was seen as a racist by the media, and they believed that by playing the race card they would be able to manipulate the result. Yet Trump increased his popularity in the Black, Muslim and Hispanic community. They played the fact that his behavior was so abhorrent that he would not get the votes of women. But the results show that even if he does not win, the electorate chose to vote for his accomplishments rather than his behaviour. The media and pollsters missed the fact that their definition of being “Presidential” was completely wrong. In fact the electorate viewed his behavior as one that mirrored their feelings about the establishment. This is better reflected in the ethnic community which viewed the elite of the left as the party which had used them for years.

This election was affected by a pandemic, but the media used the situation to manipulate the electorate. The MSM and the Social media never questioned Biden on the big issues. Any conflicting and controversial Biden behavior, current or past war, was never scrutinized. In fact we never learned of the real Biden platform. Social media decided that they would be the censor of public discourse on their platforms. Facebook, Tweeter and Google decided what was allowed and what was not allowed to be discussed. The same media that became the arbiter of democratic discourse decided who won the election, ignoring that there are legal actions being entertained by the Trump campaign, and the Constitution demands that it is the Electoral College that decides the result. The media is questioning the Trump challenge of the result. Their mantra is that there is no ‘evidence’ of fraud. You cannot find evidence unless you investigate, and this is exactly what Trump is demanding among the number of allegations of fraud in several states. In a democracy every legal vote should count, but illegal votes should be discarded, despite the media’s claims that they do not exist. The U.S system is fraught with loopholes that are subject to electoral fraud.

As an individual who is not an American, I have no skin in the game, but citizens of the world who still believe in democracy should be concerned. Trump the ‘Great Disruptor’ brought a different approach to politics, 71 million cannot be all wrong. Interestingly Republicans won Congressional seats and may keep the Senate majority. It is disturbing, but expected, that politicians around the world were quick to congratulate Biden. It is diplomacy. But what is disturbing is that they are all aligned to the pre 2016 doctrines of globalism.  The Obama ‘Hope and Change’ may be back, but this time with a greater propensity for progressive socialist agenda. In fact it is possible that America the capitalist leader of the world may move drastically to the left and embrace socialism like Europe.

  Whatever the result, a Biden or Trump presidency, there is one thing for certain, we should be very skeptical of the polling industry and the interpretation of polls by a biased media intent on censorship of conservative ideas.

Friday, 24 July 2020

The 2020 United States Civil War

Slavery and racism are the two most abhorrent, and degrading sins committed by humanity. While banned in modern society, slavery still exists, and racism in many forms is still practiced by many. Recent events triggered by the murder of George Floyd by a policeman in Minneapolis have escalated to the point of a revolution around the world, but in the United States it is culminating into a civil war.
For the past two months daily protests in the United States and many cities around the world, have brought society to the realization that racism still exists and that it is time that we address the harm done by ignoring it. However, what is happening in the U.S. is a storm which has been brewing for decades. The gains made by the Civil Rights movement under Martin Luther King, have in many ways helped the black community, but in some cases it has not benefitted the masses, and racism in law enforcement still exists in many communities. We are not living in the sixties anymore, Americans elected its first Black President twice, and Obama had the opportunity to make radical changes under his ‘Hope and Change’ slogan, but he failed. The Democrats who believed that they had the opportunity to create a dynasty chose Hillary Clinton to replace Obama and hold its power base, but the election of Donald Trump changed everything.
The turmoil we see today is the culmination of years of planning by the left to change what America stands for. In the sixties and seventies the radical left militant organization The Weather Underground (WUO) goal was to overthrow what it viewed as American imperialism. In the seventies the WUO conducted a bombing campaign targeting government buildings and several banks. They obviously failed it their ultimate goal, but many of its followers joined academia and created a base for the indoctrination of students in universities and education in general. The result is that many Millennials and GenXers are the product of this education revolution, which has produced, political correctness, ‘cancel culture’ and a radical view of the freedom of speech, which today seems to be only the right of the radical left. Oppose the left on any of their views and it will result in banishment, expulsion, and ostrazisation. Too often these positions of the left have been adopted and practiced in the main stream media, thus fomenting a point of view that supports what the WUO had failed to achieved decades ago.
There is no doubt that racism exits in many forms. In the U.S it is mostly manifested in the treatment of blacks by law enforcement. While the vast majority of the police force is not racist, there are many rogue elements that still use their power to discriminate, and which recently saw the murder of George Floyd. The inability to deal with these rogue officers has created antagonism towards law enforcement to the point of giving rise to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. While homicide accounts for the death of 7,500 young blacks each year, the debate now is whether black lives matter, or does all lives matter? It is not popular to say that   ‘All lives matter’, because it may be interpreted as not supporting ‘Blacks’.
The rise of the BLM Inc. and the Antifa group is at the root of the massive problems experienced in many Democrat run States and Cities. Politicians have been coerced into supporting these groups for fear of not being re-elected and thus support the  ‘defunding’ of the police and in many cases deny that some peaceful protests are not what they seem to be  – rioters and anarchists. Many peaceful protests turn into riots, arsons, and shootings after dark. These demonstrations resulted in the takeover of many cities like Seattle, Portland Minneapolis and even New York.  It seems that the mob has gained control of elected officials who have become reluctant to safeguard their communities. What is not being discussed is that hundreds of millions of dollars have been given to BLM Inc. by corporations like Nike, Starbucks, Apple and even the NFL. Where is the money going? It is certainly not helping blacks in poor cities around America governed by Democrats. On the Board of BLM sits Susan Rosenberg a convicted terrorist pardon by Bill Clinton. It is also alleged that much of the funds garnered by BLM Inc. is funnelled to the DNC. Cities are burning, people, mostly blacks,   are being shot and killed every weekend, and where is the outraged by BLM? Instead we see attacks on government buildings, looting of small and large businesses and yet Democrats do nothing but accuse the Trump administration of fomenting riots by sending troops to guard federal buildings in these cities under siege. Trump on the other hand should be very careful about sending troops into cities without being asked and allowed to do so, because that would go against what James Madison stood for. So far Democrat led cities have resisted asking for federal help. In an attempt to further damage the re-opening of the country, while pediatricians ask for the re-opening of schools. teachers’ unions are reluctant to do so, in fairness there is an element of safety for teachers, but mostly in an attempt by the left to damage the economy which has been Trump’s strong suit.
Despite his faults and tendency to exaggerate Trump has done far more in three years to help the minorities than his predecessors. Before the advent of Covid-19, his economy has seen massive gains in employment for Blacks and Hispanics. As reported:  “The First Step Act, which Trump signed into law, expanded judges’ discretion to ignore mandatory minimum sentences in some cases. The law also shortened some mandatory minimum sentences, such as from life to 25 years or from 20 years to 15 years, for various offenses.”
Democrats who have been unable to accept the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump have tried for 3 years to undermine his Presidency. They have conducted investigations and impeached him, on charges of collusion with the Russians and abuse of power. They are now afraid that their plans are going to be nullified as more information is coming out that the attacks on Trump was a conspiracy by  some members of the FBI and perhaps even the former administration. The Democrats have been mostly silent of the riots, and the name of George Floyd has been very quietly set aside in the recent debates. The media always stating that the demonstrations were ‘peaceful’ in nature cannot be true when there are deaths associated with nightly protests after midnight.
How political is the race issue for Democrats? Remember that the only elected black President Obama endorsed a ‘blackface’ Justin Trudeau for Prime Minster of Canada? In what can be political manna from heaven to the Democrats, the world was hit by a pandemic, and Covid-19 has changed everything as the world economy went into recession. Members of Antifa who routinely wear masks to foment riots and loot small and large stores, are now protected from identification because of the Covid-19 ‘mask protocol’.  Former VP  Biden as the Democrats ‘ choice to challenge Trump is a very hard task, as the candidate stays in a basement and continues to make comments that are mostly incoherent and embraces the polices of the radical left supported by Sen. Sanders, Warren, and the far left members of Congress A. Ocasio-Cortez and Omar. Biden who has been in politics for four decades has a track record of supporting white supremacists and has made racist comments over the years. To use the race card could be difficult this time.
 The Democrats’ hate for Trump and a lust for power supersede any semblance of putting the country first. The 2020 Presidential elections may not be a war with weapons, although in the mainly Democrat run cities bullets have been flying for the past 55 days,  it will certainly be a Civil War of ideas.
Where does America want to go? Will the U.S embrace the goals and tactics of the Weather Underground and move to the far left and embrace socialism with Biden? The result will not only affect the United States but the rest of the world as we enter a real Cold War with China. All empires fall, but is the world ready for the United States to join the globalist movement and relinquish sovereignty to a New World order run by a failed United Nations. Be careful what you wish for, because it seems that the Democrats and Biden are ready to do so.