Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Most Dangerous Canadian Alive


Some time ago, after reading Mark Carney’s book: Values Building a Better World for All, I wrote a post in Facebook, and said that Mark Carney was more dangerous that Trudeau. In a brilliant analysis by Peter Forster in the National Post, he confirmed my suspicions; and this is why:

When you have a Pandemic which has ravaged nations and decimated the world economy, it is very easy to say that the government will have a role to play to attempt to get the economy back to normal. Massive amount of debt has been created by certain governments to revive the economy, but too often some ideologues have used government money to further an agenda. In Canada and the United States, we have the perfect tandem of politicians who believe in a socialist ideology, and who are prepared to use the pandemic as a fulcrum to install socialism in North America. In Canada we have a vacuous Prime Minister who has no experience and in the U.S we have senile President who is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by operatives running a third Obama term in office. In this vacuum of leadership is being occupied by some very dangerous cabals who are outside of governments but who also have much influence on the economy.

While everyone is focused on the devastating pandemic, these cabals have taken over and are gradually imposing policies and treaties of a globalist nature. Mark Carney is one of these influencers. He is a former Governor of the Bank of Canada and of the Bank of England. I have respect for his intellect, but his past deeds leave me suspicious, and now in is book he lays down his economic philosophy which in my opinion is much too close to those of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. He is also a proponent of the Net Zero concept that believes that human emissions must be eradicated by 2050 unless we face a climate Armageddon. As a result, he also embraces the views of an indoctrinated teenager Grata Thurnberg as if she was a climate expert. I cannot believe for one minute that Carney really believes that Thurnberg is an expert, but that he may just be pandering to her followers for a nefarious economic agenda. As an influencer his comments have the greatest impact on investors with his organization called the Network for Greening the Financial System, a club of central banks and of course environment regulators. As Forster writes: “Part of Carney’s strategy is to force ‘voluntary’ standards on banking and industry, then have governments make those standards compulsory.” His agenda is more perverse than people may think, because he prefers to circumvent democratic institutions. This approach is globalism at its worst. A recent example is upcoming the G7’ ministers’ expected agreement to support a global minimum corporation tax, a move which comes as governments around the world struggle with record levels of public borrowing made during the pandemic. In many ways governments struggle because some of them used the pandemic, not only to combat Covid 19 but to install socialist policies to gain votes and create dependency on governments’ largess.  This agreement, in my opinion, is an attack on a competitive free market. To minimize corporate tax evasion is one thing but to have a global corporate tax is another. A world minimum corporate tax will prevent corporations from choosing where to operate. It will also stop smaller countries like Ireland to be competitive and attract corporations to their jurisdictions. As a result, I believe that the movement of trade and industrial growth in smaller countries will be impeded.

Now having looked briefly at Carney’s philosophy, I say briefly because his lengthy book contains even more dangerous ideas; and we must ask ourselves, is he the most dangerous man around today? In my opinion he may well be. His background and past experience puts him in a very elite circle of influencers, and his strategy to save humanity is just a front to gain power, the same agenda of many transnational progressives like Soros,Bezos, Gates et,al.

I not only worry about the power of influencers like Carney, what really concerns me is that ordinary citizens of the world have no idea what is being concocted behind their backs. Our education system has indoctrinated a whole generation which unfortunately will embrace the proclamations of these globalists without having the ability to critically assess their agendas. As a Canadian, the biggest threat for me is that Carney becomes Trudeau’s successor. If this happens Canada may well move to a future that could be irreversible. As Prime Minister he will have a seat of power among the leaders of the world and create global policies that could entrench socialism in the free world to an extent that would fulfill the once unachievable dreams of Marx, Engels and Lenin