Saturday, 12 May 2018

Trump’s Protocol

About a year ago when President Trump continued his attack on international agreements that he did not like, the world accused him of being too bombastic and of being a President who did not understand foreign relations. In fact when he called Kim Jong- Un ‘little Rocket man’ as he put pressure on the rogue regime, many politicians and diplomats said that he was on the brink of starting WWIII. How times have changed!

The world is still getting used to President Trump’s approach to diplomacy. Unlike his many predecessors he does not believe in soft talking negotiations. He also does not seem to believe in international treaties which he believes affect the United States. In fact he demands that many previously agreed upon agreements be renegotiated. Starting with the Paris environment agreement and the Transpacific Trade Partnership, he just pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal, and may yet do the same to NAFTA.

On  North Korean , Trump just ratchetted the military power of the United States , moved military assets into the China Sea and threatened military action should North Korea continued its nuclear and Intercontinental Ballistic missile programs. His statements were seen as dangerous, but by putting the right sanctions and garnering China’s help we are now faced with a Summit between Kim Jong-un and President Trump, which is reminiscent of the Reagan/Gorbachev meeting which bodes well for a resolution to the conflict. North Korea has already hinted to denuclearize and released American prisoners. These may only be preliminary negotiating tactics, but in reality these gestures and the meeting are events that the world could not have foreseen only six months ago.

President Trump had previously stalled to decertify the Iran Deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. (JCPOA), which President Obama negotiated with the Europeans, China and Russia, he has now rescinded the U.S participation in the deal.. The so-called ‘Allies’ (France, Germany and the U.K) are unfortunately sitting on the fence and not backing Trump’s decision. There is a saying that “A camel is a horse build by a committee’, in my view the (JCPOA) is a camel which the participants created to please Obama and for economic and political influence. The Europeans have economic vested interest in placating Iran. For example, Iran has huge contracts with Total and Airbus. As for China and Russia, it is all about supporting Iran for political reasons for being a thorn in the United States foreign policy. However it must be remembered that the deal negotiated by Obama and Sec. John Kerry was never sent to Congress for approval. It was purely a political legacy that they are now defending, notwithstanding that the billions of dollars returned to Iran is now being used to fund terrorism and help to destabilize the Middle East. The deal would in effect allow Iran to re-start its nuclear program in some 15 years, whereas Trump wants no part of an Iran nuclear regime.

Despite the ramblings of the left and the Europeans, Trump’s decisions are producing positive results. Those protecting their interests and failed political legacies should take heed. I for one have always believed that ‘offense is the best form of defense’. Trump is following the Reagan view that ‘peace through strength’ is the best policy , he using a big stick first and then the carrot, Trump’s detractors must also remember that he has always said that if his deals do not work he will walk away, once again following Reagan’s ‘Trust but verify’ will hopefully be used in any negotiations.

The naiveté of Canada’s vacuous PM in supporting the Iran deal may bring more problems for NAFTA negotiations, should Trump decide to tighten the screws. If Iran decides to reduce the flow of oil, what an opportunity to push for pipelines east and west. In Canada conservatives starting to strategize for 2019 elections, should take heed of Trump’s tactics and plan for success.

The use of chaotic diplomacy should be a lesson for conservatives. The use of appeasement diplomacy or soft diplomacy has proven to be abject failures. The world should support and applaud any success brought by the Trump diplomatic protocol.

Could it be that chaotic diplomacy is the answer to world peace? I suggest that it may well be.