Monday, 26 August 2019

For a balanced point of view

There are many Trump haters out there. I for one do not like many of President Trump’s tweets and the way that he does politics. I am not going to defend his tactics but I must say at the onset that I like many of policies, which in many cases are required to rectify many of the problems that face us all. But what I object to is the constant rants from the left more specifically by Andrew Cohen, who seems to have been granted a regular column in the Calgary Herald. His latest one is entitled “Trump targets Urban America”.

I acknowledge that Mr. Cohen is a professor and the author of a book about J. Kennedy, but what we should know is that there are always two sides to the story. While Mr. Cohen praises the revival of certain cities in America, he also portrays Mr. Trump as a bigot and a racist without much proof. President Trump has brought forward many issues that were ignored by his predecessors, and which today when brought to light are causing much consternation and angst in America, but which in reality are true.

To start with, U.S immigration laws have been neglected for political gains by both Republicans and Democrats. The once un-acknowledged crisis on the border with Mexico is now accepted as a full blown one, but the rhetoric continues: that Trump’s policies are racist in nature. This is a constant refrain from the left who believe that we should have no borders.

As for the case against Trump for his attack on urban America, we should look at the facts, despite the latest from presidential candidate Biden who said that he prefers ‘truth over facts’. Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco are but a few cities that are reeling under debt, gang related shootings, drug trafficking, and homelessness. Despite Mr. Cohen’s claim that these cities are beacons of an urban renaissance, he ignores the fact that the real decay was caused by Democrats who run these places.

My point in writing this column is that Canada is going to be in the throngs of a federal election, which will undoubtedly involve many of the same issues being debated south of the border.  I do not wish that the vitriol used in the Stares comes to Canada during the campaign, because I am certain that in many instances the Conservative platform will be equated to that of the Republicans, while we are going to ignore the failures associated with some of the socialist policies put forward by the Liberal party, and the Democrats.

As we go forward it would be nice to see the Calgary Herald publish more columns about real Canadian issues and not the state of affairs in the United Sates, especially coming from the likes of the Washington Post and the New York Times which are coming under attack from both sides of the aisle even in their own country for their bias reporting. Should we want to continue informing the public about our neighbor to the South, perhaps we should have a more balanced reporting of the facts especially from more independent writers.