Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Horde of Sycophants

Despite the recent cowardly terrorists’ attacks on civilians, we have not seen an objective media reporting of Islamic terrorism. Furthermore we are bombarded by political correctness statements by politicians and other organizations where refugees are concerned. Ever since the appearance of Obama on the international stage and now joined by Justin Trudeau we have been subjected to the irresponsible support for these two vacuous politicians by both politicians and media sycophants.

Despite increasing terrorists attacks President Obama and Justin Trudeau have refused to name the attackers as Islamist Terrorists. Over the years Obama has gone out of his way to use terms which never identifies the true source of terrorism. The term ‘so-called’ is increasingly used by so-called news anchors to describe any terrorist acts; there is so-called global war on terror, so-called ISIS or even so-called work-place violence when a terrorist shot soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas. They have added ‘Daesh’ to their lexicon to identify ISIS.
Sun Tzu said: “Know thy enemy, know thyself”. As I wrote in my book Conservatives: Dead or Alive? “Today’s terrorist may well be a civilian without a uniform. In effect we are dealing with a totally new type of enemy. Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, ISIL, Khorasan, etc., are just different names, but all have the same intentions – They are hell bent on the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate sworn to destroy Israel and the West.”

Recent attacks in Paris, Egypt, Mali, and threats to other cities, clearly shows that this is a global war, even the Pope has said that it is WWIII. Leftists’ politicians, Liberals and Democrats, refuse to acknowledge the threat posed by jihadists. Instead they want to expedite the acceptance of refugees by the West, ignoring the dangers of accepting people who could harm us later. There is no doubt that the Syrian war has created many refugees, but to use political correctness to the detriment of security will be an abject failure if attacks take place on home soil. Sycophants are reluctant to acknowledge that the Syrian problem stems from Obama’s setting a red line, that turned pink and ultimately disappeared when Syria used chemical weapons.
Hypothetical: Now that there exists a threat that terrorists may use chemical weapons, has any thought be given to the possibility that Sadam’s weapons of mass destruction that were never found, could have made their way to Syria?

Now, the sycophantic media and politicians continue to attack any opposition to the fast tracking of refugees into Europe, Canada and in the United States. Ignoring that we are now in a severe Canadian economic downturn due to the collapse of oil prices, the newly elected Liberal government is pushing forward to accept 25,000 refugees by the end of the year. The logistics and costs of $1.2 billion seem to be no barrier to their ideology. It seems that the plight of unemployed, homeless, and First Nation Canadians have taken second place to political correctness.

Security does not seem to be important anymore. The use of the United Nations as a vetting agency may well prove to be inadequate due to the large numbers of refugees from the Middle East. Europe is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees who at first were welcomed until their sheer number caused problems never thought of when Germany step forward to accept them.

While Canada has been welcoming refugees and immigrants for years, the increasing opposition to the government’s plans is rising. As an immigrant myself I have compassion for the persecuted, but why the haste?

The West faces a new enemy who operates in the shadows. Increasingly it is becoming more difficult to monitor potential terrorists as they are home grown. Our laws are inadequate to protect us. Political correctness prevents surveillance and places citizens in danger. One of the problems which are often ignored is the assimilation of the refugees within our society. Too often multiculturalism prevents assimilation and in many countries we now have ‘no go’ enclaves which are used to harbor terrorism.
 There have been no discussions yet on where these refugees will find jobs in this economy. Many refugees are qualified professionals, but will Canada recognize their qualifications? The result of these refugees not able to find jobs may alienate them and their children, who may then be easily radicalized.
More importantly, too often those who oppose their governments’ political correctness agenda are being labelled as xenophobes, racists and bigots. The real problem is that we are increasingly being informed and then dictated by a horde of sycophants.
Sycophants of the left support these policies because they want to feel virtuous, they want to change the ethnic demographics and most of all garner more votes.
Compassion is a noble character; political ideology to the detriment of security is not.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

The erroneous conservative war on women

The left has always used women’s issues as a wedge against conservatives. Aided and abetted by the media this long standing propaganda has served them very well. However, history does not support the left’s assertion on this issue. Once again this preposterous and inaccurate assessment of conservative values has been proven wrong with the election of the Hon. Rona Ambrose as interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

Already lauded by the media the Trudeau cabinet which is composed of equal number of men and women, this notion should be put in a more informed perspective. While the number of women in cabinet is significant, it would be wrong to assume that conservatives have done less. The last Harper Conservative government had 13 women in the cabinet out of 166; the new Trudeau government has 15 women ( 5 junior ministers) out of 184 members. The disparity that the media would have you believe is far from being huge. In fact it is that the Liberals have 3 more women in cabinet; a difference of only 1% based on the size of the government.

Comparing the left and conservatives throughout history is even more revealing. There have been more conservative than leftist women leaders. One of the greatest leaders of recent times has been U.K. Conservative Margaret Thatcher. In Canada there has been only one woman Prime Minister, albeit for a short time; it was The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, a conservative. Flora MacDonald was Canada's first female foreign minister; she was also one of the first women to vie for leadership of a major Canadian political party, the Progressive Conservatives. 

In the United States Republicans have more female staff in higher staff positions. There are four Republican Governors: Jan Brewer, Susana Martinez, Mary Fallin, and Nikki Haley compared to one Democrat – Maggie Hassan.
Republican Condoleezza Rice was the first female African-American secretary of state
 On the other hand, arguably we have very few national leftist/Liberal leaders of note, who have made their mark, The Hon, Sheila Copps never made it as leader of the Canadian Liberal Party. Shirley Williams was never elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, let alone leader of the Labour Party. Hillary Clinton, who is seeking the Democrat Presidential nomination for 2016, can only be remembered for her loss to Barack Obama in 2008.

While the departure of Stephen Harper, a great leader, has left a gap in the party, I believe that the elected CPC members have made a very good choice in The Hon. Rona Ambrose. This selection may be for a short time until the CPC has a leadership race. But that does not exclude other female candidates to throw their hats into the race. There are many qualified women in the CPC who could challenge and lead the party. For the time being Ms. Ambrose will not only provide a fresh face, but will most certainly bring another tone to the Party’s conservative principles.

There is no danger of conservatives disappearing in the shadows. Women in the party are not only strong but have more experience than their newly elected opposite counter parts. In fact Rona Ambrose has more parliamentary experience than both Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair.

So let us not discard the appeal of a woman leader for the party, but in fact revel in the notion that conservatives have been more favourable to women leaders than the left. The war on women by conservatives is a myth perpetuated to create a wedge among women voters and a growing, less informed younger electorate.

 Hang on to your hats, if the CPC elects a woman as their next leader. The vitriol used against Harper will be nothing compared to what will be coming, because if there is a politician that the media hates the most, it is a conservative woman. Then it will be the true war on women.