Sunday, 9 February 2020

Impeachment, Conspiracy and Tone

For the past two and a half years the Democrats have been involved in a conspiracy to oust a duly elected president of the United States. The Democrats impeached the President but the Senate acquitted him. The divide that started on the day of the 2016 election is not about to stop, what’s next?
The delusional Democrats ,who had the wrong candidate in the first place, cannot fathom that Trump was elected president. The impeachment process started the day of his election, and has continued and will continue well after his term in office is over. The conspiracy, in my opinion, is controlled by what the President calls the ‘swamp’, and it includes the upper echelons of the previous administration, the CIA, the FBI and even parts of the DOJ. The mistake that Trump made was that he should have followed the example of J.F. Kennedy, who fired a majority of the people from the previous administration of Eisenhower. Since Trump took over, the cabal of Comey , Brennan, Strzok, Clapper, Lisa Page, Ohr, among many other conspirators helped the House Democrats ‘  impeachment of the President.
Despite the fact that many reports fizzled, the Nancy Pelosi democrats proceeded to impeach the president for ‘Abuse of Power, and ‘Obstruction of Justice’, all based on hearsay evidence and “the say so” of a whistleblower about a phone call to the President of Ukraine. While the President claims that the call was ‘perfect’ , in my opinion, the President  who is not a politician should have said that the language used may have been to colloquial but not political. In fact the transcript showed that he used the word ‘us’ and not ‘me’ when he ask for help from the Ukrainian President.
The bigger issue that he abused his power because he wanted to investigate his opponent Joe Biden is not an impeachable offense. All politicians including Democrats investigate their opponents.  If that was the case, anybody running for the office of President could not be investigated for possible past actions and corruption. As for the obstruction of justice charge because he refused to allow members of his administration to testify under Executive privilege, is totally bogus. Obama did the same thing on many occasions as did other Presidents.  As for the claims that there were no witnesses, the Democrats called more than seventeen witnesses but no witnesses from the President. The Democrats could have gone to court to get a ruling, but their rush to judgement dictated their actions – that is why the Senate acquitted Trump. 
Here we are today, impeached but acquitted. President Trump is now accused of being vindictive and divisive, and accused of using language not befitting a President. Let’s look at the situation from a lay person’s point of view: If you had been persecuted, harassed, stabbed in the back for over two years, how would you feel? Having attained the greatest position in office, you immediately are accused of collaborating with foreign powers, and continuously attacked because you won an election. When the pundits and commentators demand that the President be more restrained in his address to the public and be more presidential, I would disagree.

The hypocrisy of the left was in full display for the past month. Those Democrats like Sen. Manchin, and Rep. Dingell  who came to the media and said that they have examined and taken into consideration all the facts, and then made a decision according to their conscience, were just filling air time as they knew full well that they would vote according to party lines. Mitt Romney the two time loser who voted according to his faith, just displayed the sin of ‘envy’ in its full characterization:” painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage”
Notwithstanding their failure to remove the President, the Democrats will now start investigating him once more. The calls for conciliation, under the guise of religious belief, will be put aside for political reasons. Trump should not let his guard down for on minute. While Ambassadors Yovanovich and Sondland,  Lt. Colonel Vindman and his brother  are  leaving , Trump should seek and fire all the conspirators in his administration when the Durham report comes out. A President has the right to have people he can trust around him.
The left always asks for collaboration and conciliation when they have been found wanting, but they never practice what they preach. There is no doubt that Trump is prone to bombast and self-aggrandizement. For those who believe that the President’s tone is more important that his accomplishments, please remember that he was not a politician, therefore do not expect political correctness, but that he kept the promises made in his campaign. I am more of a Churchill follower, and support what he said: “When you have your foot on a liberal’s throat – Push it”.  I hope that Trump will be on the attack for the rest of the 2020 campaign and rightfully so. Calls for conciliation are bogus and designed to put the Republicans on the defensive.  Conservatives must unite because the left is always united. For the sake of the United Sates, and indirectly the free world,  I hope that the Republicans win all three branches: House, Senate and Presidency , otherwise the U.S may be doomed as the rise of socialism/ communism among  authoritarian Democrats shows its ugly head.