Saturday, 23 July 2016

Progressives are Worried

Events around the world have created a sense of abandonment among the populace. For the past week the arrival and nomination of Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for the U.S presidency has taken over the airwaves. As I read, watch and listen to the news I get a sense that the progressives led by the liberal mass media are ignoring the facts about the increase of populism around the world.. The question is why?

When Obama was elected President in 2008, he became the darling of the media. He could do no wrong. After eight years of his administration, the world is under the increase threat of terrorism, the economy has stagnated, many young people cannot find jobs and the world has been divided into several factions, which may result in nativism and nationalism. Why is ‘Trumpism’ on the rise in politics?

There is absolutely no doubt that the world is less safe since the arrival of Obama. Terrorism is rampant, but now in a different form, mostly committed by individuals or small groups. He has refused to name the Radical Islamic Jihadists as the enemy and source of terrorism. Recent attacks in Europe and the United Sates seem to be a precursor of what could become routine in the free world. The world economy has been stagnating for years. Unemployment is not falling but is instead rising among younger people, and mostly among blacks in the United States.
Great Britain voted to exit the European Union, which is now in disarray because of large bureaucratic institutions and meddling in the internal affairs of member countries. The refugee crisis created by the war in Syria, and the response by Angela Merkel to allow millions into Europe has caused economic and social problems in many European countries.

In Canada with the election of a Liberal government under Trudeau, we can see that we are more focused on personality rather than policy. The economy is failing because of the price of oil, layoffs in the oil patch are increasing and taxes are rising. Climate change based policies are not going to improve the situation as new taxes make prices go up. Transportation, food, energy and other related costs will go up and further acerbate the dismal situation.
Keynesian policies which see the government create massive deficits are bound to make Canada worse rather than better. An ever increasing foreign aid policy which sees millions go to countries which are usually ran by dictators and failed governments is not being seen as improvement by Canadians. Too many citizens are seeing their wealth eroded by increasing taxes and government largess.

Alberta once the economic darling of the country elected a socialist government after rejecting a so-called conservative dynasty which in the last decade has failed its citizens. Socialist policies are being put in place, and as a result a province once without debt has its credit rating downgraded as spending grows. Policies which kill rather than create jobs are being implemented. There is no end in sight as new climate change rules and regulations are being put in place. The result will be a double whammy when added to a federal carbon tax.

Forgetting that the true nature of the global malaise created by the arrival of a well disguised socialist in the White House, for the past eight years the public has been fed Pablum by the media. Obama was seen as the ‘second coming’. He was going to be the one that will part the seas and clean the air. His initial success, elevated by an ill deserved Nobel Peace Prize, emboldened the left around the world. There is no doubt that socialism has grown because of Obama. But as he departs from office, the media is left in a quandary because they are reluctant to expose his failures. Instead they focus negatively on the rise of new politicians who propose to reverse many of the policies instituted under his leadership, either internationally or locally.
The media places all the blame for the increasing silent majority rage on racism, xenophobia, and any other ’phobia they can imagine. Pundits and reporters refuse to acknowledge the failure of political correctness and social engineering. Instead they focus on personality traits of people who challenge the status quo and who do not want a repeat of the Obama years.

The rise of Donald Trump, a successful business man is constantly being diminished because he had a successful TV show. They ignore the fact that he built a global real estate empire and actually created jobs. While ignoring the facts that neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton has actually had a job or created jobs. Obama was a community activist and Hillary has lived on the dime of the taxpayer for decades.  Similarly in Canada the media ignored the fact that Justin Trudeau had accomplished very little before being elected as Prime Minister because of his name rather than his intellect or successes.
On the other hand any conservative minded candidates are demonized for their social stand or economic policies. Boris Johnson, who was recently appointed Foreign Minister of Great Britain, is still being portrayed as a buffoon or xenophobe for his stance on Brexit. We have yet to see the treatment of the new Prime Minister Theresa May. I would bet that as soon as she starts governing in a conservative manner the media will turn on her, and start making comparisons with Margaret Thatcher, who they will fail to point out was one of the greatest PM of the U.K. By the way they will also never point out that the so-called war on women has resulted in more conservative than progressive leaders.
On the provincial scene, as soon as Jason Kenney entered the race to lead the Progressive Conservative party of Alberta, many in the media have already portrayed him as a radical conservative. One of the first reactions by the media has been his social rather than his fiscal conservatism.

What I gather from all this media frenzy to demonize certain politicians is that the progressives are running scared. The left is being exposed for the fakes they are and the silent majority is rising. The establishment, albeit on the right or the left, have ignored the citizens. Over the years they have imposed polices and ideological agendas on an indifferent, and misinformed public, until now.
While I may not have been an initial Trump fan, to me a Clinton alternative would be worse for Canada and the world despite the entire attempt by the media to state the contrary. I oppose his stance on free trade but believe that fairer trade would be an improvement. On foreign affairs, remember that Clinton was the architect of many of Obama’s failed policy resulting. She is a security risk as stated by the Director of the FBI who for reasons unknown did not indict her.

The media is largely responsible for the state of affairs. While they call Trump and conservatives prophets of doom, they wear ‘rose coloured glasses’. Their lack of investigative and bias reporting has helped to create a misinformed public. In Canada news outlet certainly have a Liberal bias, compounded by their use of news feeds from international liberal outlets and more often than not repeat the same rhetoric instead of providing properly analyzed news.

A Trump presidency may well be the best thing for Canada and the world. For Canada the approval of a Keystone pipeline, better economic management will force the Liberal government to respond accordingly. No more kowtowing to organizations like the U.N and the E.U. No more multilateralism and multiculturalism that is destroying Europe due to the lack of assimilation by refugees.  The establishment, albeit on the right and the left, have ignored the citizens. Over the years they have imposed polices and ideological agendas on an indifferent, and misinformed public, until now. The left is being exposed for the fakes they are and the silent majority is rising.

When one’s safety and economic wellbeing are threatened people take notice. Whether you like Trump, May, Johnson or Kenney, the fact is that they represent an alternative to a progressive left that over the years has made the world worse.

What I gather from all this media frenzy to demonize certain politicians is that all the name calling or distorted media reporting of events is just the result of progressives getting scared. The reality is that citizens are getting wise to their indoctrination tactics.

Friday, 8 July 2016

The Hijacking of Alberta Progressive Conservatives

Jason Kenney has thrown his hat into the leadership race for the Progressive Conservative party of Alberta. This is a bold move considering the treacherous environment of politics in Alberta, especially among conservatives. No sooner after his announcement many naysayers have opined that his decision is tantamount to the hijacking of the PCAA. Let us see whether this is true or not.

Because there is no doubt that this blog will be deemed by many to be biased, in the spirit of full disclosure I have served on Jason’s constituency board, I have been a lecturer, confidant and adviser to Ric McIver, I have served as a Director at large on  Rick Fraser’s Calgary –South East Board. I was also a member on Redford’s Results Based Budget (RBB) Committees.  So yes, I have been a biased PC member, until I found out that a few PC elected members and constituency board members helped and voted for Liberal candidates in the last federal elections. As a born small ‘c’ common sense conservative I could no longer continue as a PC member. I will support Jason in his endeavour; because not only is he the right man but he also has the right strategy to unite the right.

As for the assertion of naysayers and opponents of a Kenney’s leadership that his decision is a hijacking of the party, it would be wise to look at some recent PCAA history.  Peter Lougheed left a vacuum in Alberta’s conservative movement until Ralph Klein’s premiership.
So let us examined the hijacking of the party: Klein was a card carrying Liberal before becoming a PC. Redford was a ‘Clark’ progressive more than a conservative, as was Jim Prentice. Over the years the PC party became a gathering of closet liberals who could never be elected if they declared their true colors. It was obvious that with so many disguised conservatives that the party policies would gradually move to the left. Make no mistake that after Klein fiscal conservatism disappeared, the provincial debt increased, social programs and public sector jobs grew. The last straw was the Prentice budget which removed the flat tax and ignored most if not all the recommendations made by the RBB committees. Having moved to the left under both Redford and Prentice, even long-time supporters deserted the PCs and the electorate voted a socialist government under the NDP.

The Wild Rose party came into being because many conservatives felt that they had been betrayed by the PCs. While many of the members were fiscal conservatives, there also were many social conservatives, who believed that their religious and cultural beliefs were being eroded by social engineering legislation- especially on abortion and gay rights. To that extent the WR were immediately branded as a party of bigots.  Despite their many weaknesses the party was still Albertans second choice. There is no hijacking of the WR if there is a willingness to get together with a renewed PC to promote strong conservative ideas and principles. In my opinion, members of both parties have more in common than differences. The great divide seems to be on social issues, which have hijacked any civil discussion about real issues. So-called progressives have used social issues as a wedge among conservatives to detract from their failures. There is nothing about progress among progressives. It is all about pandering to get votes. True conservatives are law abiding citizens. I for one believe that it is time to live and let live. Canada has laws that allow for same sex marriage and abortions. While I am not a social conservative I would accept that citizens are free to have their own beliefs. By the same token citizens also have the right to disagree and have different views. Progressives have hijacked the debate on social issues and made politicians the slaves of their views. Today it seems that a politician must attend a gay parade as a prerequisite for being elected. It is no longer allowed for conservatives to disagree with any liberal views for fear of being labelled as racists, xenophobic or homophobic.

Progressives in the PC party have already dismissed the idea of a Kenney run for leadership, because he may be a social conservative and too strong of a fiscal conservative. However we must consider the source of these accusations. Leading the pack of opponents are Sandra Jansen , who campaigned for Liberals in the last elections. Another is Thomas Lukaszuk, Redford’s deputy Premier and failed PC leadership candidate. Then there is Stephen Carter, former campaign manager for Liberal Mayor Nenshi, who has said that he will work with any progressive who would challenge Kenney. As for Danielle Smith, who jumped ship from leader of the WR to the Prentice PC party – it just sounds like sour grapes. Looking at this list of Kenney’s detractors, who do you think is trying to hijack a Conservative party?

Jason Kenney is opened to a merger with the WR if elected leader of the PC party. If Brian Jean is willing we will then have two to tango. An open election once the parties have agreed to get together will allow members of a united party to elect a new leader. Then a united right party, perhaps under a new name could replace the NDP at the next elections. Failure to unite the right will see Alberta descend into the abyss of socialism, which believe it or not was started by Progressive Conservatives.
 So if there is a hijacking of the Progressive Party of Alberta, ask yourself the question who started it?