Monday, 29 June 2015

Chartered Territory

A recent IPSOS poll gives Mulcair and the NDP the lead in a tight elections race. Already the liberal media is talking about the possibility of an NDP federal win and Mulcair as Prime Minister. This is far from the truth.
Surveys and polls are not always correct as we have seen in recent past. The Wildrose in Alberta were once ahead of the PCs, the British Conservatives were not supposed to win such a large majority. Problem is that surveys and polls depend on sample size and questions asked. They can be manipulated and misread. Today many polls are done through landline phones and ignore cell phones. Worse still many surveys are skewed by activists storming the internet with their responses. Example Mayor Nenshi is the World’s Best Mayor.

The left was buoyed by the NDP’s second place showing in the last elections under Jack Layton. With an inexperience Trudeau the Liberals are not doing better, and Mulcair although showing well in the polls must be aware of Gilles Duceppe re-entry into politics. The Bloc will have a significant role to play in many of the current Quebec NDP ridings.

As for being in unchartered territory, as the media would have us believe, the past has shown quite clearly the effects of socialists’ electoral wins. Starting with Bob Rae in Ontario, Romanow in Saskatchewan and more recently Notley in Alberta, we can see that there is only one agenda – tax and spend. On the international stage Obama has been able to reduce the United States economy to the level of European countries, as he accumulated debts of $18 trillion. France under Hollande wanted a 90% tax on the rich, and Greece under a socialist/communist government is not only close to bankruptcy, but closer to joining the ranks of a third world economy.

As I wrote in Conservatives: Dead or Alive? ( the upcoming federal election should be a debate about free trade, the economy, and security. All the other social issues are already settled in Canada. The Conservatives would be well advised to stick to their platform of ‘a hand up’ instead of  'hand me down’ as proclaimed by both the Liberals and the NDP. The mantra of income inequality and social justice is a moot point if the economy is striving. Lower taxes and responsible spending must be at the core of the next election, not promises that can only be met by additional spending, increase taxes and mounting debt.

Canadians should make themselves very aware of the differing platforms before going to the polls. An NDP government is not unchartered territory. Well documented performance by socialist governments should be at the heart of the voting decision. It is no use crying over spilt milk after the results are known.  Albertans and Americans are living proof of trusting promises made by socialist leaning politicians. Do not rely on polls, rely on facts. Elections do have consequences,

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