Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Entitlement Democracy

As the world watches Greece hold the European Union (EU) to ransom, we are experiencing a new form of democracy, where the entitled demand that the rest of us continue to support their unaccountable expenditures and this contagion is now reaching the shores of Canada.

The socialist mantra is spreading across the industrialised world. We had the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Idle No More movement and now we see that the Assembly of First Nation (AFN) is calling for a new approach by asking members of First Nations across the country to vote strategically to oust the Conservative government.

History does not bode well for relationship between governments and the First Nation. To be fair there has been some unbalance dealings in the past but governments of different persuasion have tried to remedy some of the most egregious issues, but in the end it always boils down to a financial issue. The Jean Chretien Liberals learned that they were vilified when they tried to modernize how reserves manage their finances, and the plans were abandoned by Paul Martin. Despite the efforts of the Harper government to negotiate a $1.9 billion deal on education, they suffered the same objections. No matter what is done, it seems that it is never enough. Over the years billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent on reserves which have seen absolutely no progress in standard of living or quality of life. Why?  Because there is no accountability. Very few know exactly how the money is distributed and spent once the 630 chiefs get their hands on the funds.

Of course both Mulcair and Trudeau are tripping over each other to gain favour with the AFN. Both leaders promise to make changes if elected as the next government. The promises include vague references to an enquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women; rescinding laws that conflict with aboriginal rights - but no mention of curtailing financial mismanagement. Underlying all this fawning by the two leftist leaders, is the never mentioned costs of acquiescing to the demands that will be made once elected.

Just like Greece, First Nations with its 630 chiefs come to the negotiation table with one agenda – to gain as much money as possible without any real commitment for austerity and accountability. In both cases it is time to stop caving in to the demands of organizations, countries and people who feel that they are entitled to other peoples’ money. By not kicking Greece out of the EU, Europe has perpetuated the entitlement democracy. The Greeks themselves voted NO to any drastic change, but politicians once again compromised to save their skins.
Let this be a lesson for Canada who needs a new relationship with the First Nations. We must cut the umbilical cord and demand that funding is accompanied by real financial reforms. As I wrote in Conservatives: Dead or Alive? (Amazon.com) “Any new agreement, while addressing land and resources\ sharing, should help to create viable independent First Nation communities through education, proper housing and proper utilities with greater transparency. The AFN must also take responsibility for the current failures. Welfare without proper accountability is no longer the solution.” 

So what is the fuss about democracy? In the case of Greece it is all about entitlements and in Canada it is all about the 630 chiefs not the people. It seems that we are now approaching an era where the minority dictates how the majority should rule, If they do not like the way things are going let us turf the government and get as much as we can. Heed the words of Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money”. Greece and the AFN have run out of other peoples’ money, and yet European leaders, Mulcair and Trudeau continue to believe that the solution to entitlements is bailing out failed financial systems. 

Of course everybody is entitled to vote in any way they wish for, but the majority who in the end bears the burden of funding the minority should also stand up and be counted

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