Saturday, 18 September 2021

Federal Elections 2021


On Monday 20th, 2021, Canadians will have the opportunity to vote in what I believe to be the most important elections of our times. There are many unseen forces at work, and the electorate better make sure who they vote for, because the results will affect us for years to come.

In the first place Canada has been governed by a corrupt and lying government for the past 6 years, A prime Minster who has been found to be ethically guilty on several occasions should not be rewarded in an election that was called prematurely and in a pandemic. The second issue is with a weak PM who is always seeking global recognition; Canada is making decisions on the global stage that seem to put our sovereignty is jeopardy.

At home this government has been plagued by scandals, which resulted in the resignation of an Attorney General.  Trudeau continues to spend money that we do not have, and create debt levels unseen in previous generations. The continued search for accolades on the environmental front, cause Canadians to pay more taxes and yet never get the carbon emissions under control, due to the lack of real reduction by China and India. The constant use of identity politics by the Trudeau government is not only divisive but detrimental to the nation’s ability to achieve its true potential. Trudeau’s foreign policy is ineffective and even invisible as he cannot divorce himself for his penchant for socialism. Two Canadians have been in jail in China for close to three years, and yet he has been unable to negotiate their release while still cozying with the Communist regime of China.

The Trudeau government has so many faults that, one would think that it is time to vote them out. However, while a new Conservative leader is trying desperately to unseat this failed government, division in the conservative ranks is putting a serious barrier to his success. This constant division among conservatives prompted me to write the book Conservatives: Dead or Alive? Nobody is perfect, but if one believes in a certain political ideology, one must accept divergence of opinion without jeopardizing the success of the movement. In 2021, the Canadian conservative movement is more divided than ever. Fringe political groups have formed and are going to split the votes when it is important to be united to defeat a failed government. Maxime Bernier, who I regretfully supported in the past, is taking votes from the CPC in many constituencies. The Western alienation, and lack of respect for Alberta has resulted in another fringe party –Maverick, which incidentally does not even have an elected leader. This latest protest party is going to divide conservative votes in the West. Furthermore, the failed Covid policies of the Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, have now put several Alberta ridings within reach of Liberal and even NDP candidates.

All the faults and failures of the Trudeau government should be very simple reasons for voters to end his autocratic rule. But unfortunately, the division among conservatives may well hand him another term in office, and this time his government may take us to the abyss of socialism which even his father was unable to reach. Our economy is in shambles, and we have a Prime Minister who does not care about monetary policy, he also believes that budgets balance themselves. These stupid beliefs alone should be reason enough to vote him out.

On Monday I urge voters to consider very seriously how they cast their votes. A vote for any fringe conservative party is a certain vote for the Liberal party. When you go to the ballot box, pinch your noses and vote for the conservative candidate who can actually form a government.  Whether it is a minority or majority conservative government does not matter as long as it is not a Liberal government with Trudeau as Prime Minister.

 In my opinion the future of the nation is at stake, and Canada cannot re-elect a Liberal government. Your future and your kids future is in serious jeopardy. Please make the right decision when you exercise your right to choose your government.

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