Monday, 16 March 2020

A Leaderless world devoid of followers

Kelly McParland opines in the National Post: “World suffering from poor leadership and short-sightedness” . While we are navigating in uncharted waters, he laments that: “Leadership doesn’t necessarily cause crises, but its absence is usually a key component,”, but he fails to explain why we have no leaders today.
In my view the world has been leaderless for the past 20 years, which has seen wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rise of terrorism, together with health crises including SARS, MERS, H1N1, Ebola and now Covid-19. The real problem is in a so-called new world order, where we are governed by what I term ‘the collective’. Nations have surrendered much of their sovereignty to global organizations, like the EU, NATO, WTO and the UN, to name but a few. It seems that for the past twenty years every problem has had to be resolved in consultation among nations. It is not wrong to have consensus when faced with global issues, but too often the solutions have resulted in more encroachment in national sovereignty. As a backlash we have seen a rise in populism which culminated in Trump’s election and Brexit.
Ever since Trump’s election, the main stream media has labelled him as a liar and basically a disaster. The left for three years have undermined his presidency because he dislikes the establishment, and the continued reliance on globalism. The left hates him, because they preferred Obama the appeaser and conciliator who preferred to resolve problems through the ‘collective’. Trump is not the ‘great communicator’ that Reagan was, but he is definitely his own ‘messenger’. I may not always agree with his style and rhetoric, but he certainly has challenged every status quo of globalism, which in my view is the cause for the absence of true leadership.
Despite the claim that there is a lack of leadership, I will contend that in this ‘woke’ world we live in, it is difficult to be a leader. One cannot lead today because if you stand up, you are labelled as a nail and therefore the hammer of the collective will smash you. As a result autocrats like Putin, Xi and terrorist groups have filled the vacuum. For years, the world has relied upon the U.S to be the policeman of the world, but Trump has decided that he will not allow it to continue without collaboration which includes proper financial contribution. He is often blamed for displaying an affinity for Xi, Putin and Kim, but those people who disagree with him forget that the concept of diplomacy is to obfuscate to gain an advantage in a negotiation strategy. I do not for one minute believe that Trump is a collaborator or supporter of these regimes, a rhetoric which his opponents often use against him.
There is no doubt that Trump made some mistakes in the early days of the Covid-19 crisis, but now that Europe is the epicentre of the pandemic, no one seems to give him credit for closing the borders. The ‘collective’ has always favoured open borders, and we see that even today the Canadian PM is still reluctant to close the country’s borders.
Covid-19 may well be the catalyst to awaken the world to a new form of collaboration. Trump with his tariffs, which I do not support but actually worked, exposed China for what the world has allowed for years. It is now evident that we cannot allow ourselves to be at the mercy of China as a major source of the supply chain. It is time for the Western world to control its own source of pharmaceuticals and not rely on China for 90% of its supply. For too long nations have agreed to relinquish their sovereignty to world organizations under the guise of collaboration, Trump is the one to force a change, and yet we lament that we have no leadership.
 The rest of the world has been asleep at the wheel while certain forces have taken advantage which has resulted in the chaos we find ourselves today. To have leadership we need followers, however the world seems to have decided that we are all leaders, yet no one wants to take the responsibility. When things go bad, we are very quick to blame the one who tries to make change.
In this latest global crisis, there has been no national leader who has been able to rise to the task, Trump may not be the one that most people want to be a leader, but right now he is the so-called leader of the world. To believe that he could be replaced by a ‘communist, or a ‘bumbler’ makes me shudder at the very thought of this happening. The left is quietly but surely wishing for a world recession to blame Trump, despite the fact that for the past three years we have seen enormous economic gains..  So the world is not without a leader, the problem is that we are devoid of sane followers, who have been brainwashed by the main stream media and conspiracy theorists on the internet.

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