Friday, 20 September 2019

Blackface or Two-face

The left has used identity politics against their opponents for quite some time. The race card has been used to demonize conservatives and their policies. Racism is important, and should not be used to control civil discourse. The question is whether the biggest scandal to hit a Canadian political campaign will be discussed in its proper context?
For years the Trudeau bandwagon has been sponsored by the Liberal media. The weaknesses of the Prime Minister were never discussed; instead he was portrayed as the man who would bring us together at home and abroad. He was the toast of the world who knew nothing about him, except that he was the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister.
Over the past four years as Prime Minister, he has made promises and broken them. He is the only PM who has been found guilty of breaking the code of ethics, not once but twice. His mantra to include First nations into the national construct, with his Reconciliation Agenda, has backfired when he fired the first Indigenous Attorney General. Always accusing conservatives of being misogynist and touting equality for women, he dismissed and ejected two female Ministers from his cabinet and party. Always using his father’s multicultural policies, he created a brand of diversity that he has now succeeded in destroying.
The diversity guru has been found to be a two-faced politician with racist tendencies. The revelation and publication of at least three pictures of the PM in a blackface has proved that he was not just the vacuous and feckless PM that many of us believed, but that he has now been found to be a racist. Liberals accuse many of acculturation at Halloween; Trudeau’s trip to India with his family dressed in Indian garments was an insult to India and its culture.
While every political columnists and pundits are now re-evaluating their assessment of the PM, I will go further into blaming the media for what the country has now been plunged into. In my opinion, the bigger question is why Canadians have not been told about the PM’s tendencies for so many years. Four the past six years they fawned over him, as he apologized for everything, to the point that an apology from him means nothing. Even this latest incident has him apologizing, not for his actions, but for his ‘white privilege’. He is a hypocrite pure and simple.
I cannot believe that we are even asking the question whether his actions would cost him at the polls. Without any tangible proof President Trump has been called a racist for his policies, Maxime Bernier has been branded a racist for questioning our immigration policies, yet with clear evidence of racism some Canadians are still giving this PM the benefit of the doubt. If this had been a conservative politician he would have already been tarred, feathered and then crucified.
As an immigrant and a member of a minority group, I am outraged at some reactions that I have heard and seen. Every person of colour should be offended by the actions that the PM thought was comical at the time. Remember that he was a teacher and he was twenty-nine years old. He showed a complete lack of judgement and sensitivity. Furthermore let us not ignore the reported ‘groping’ incident as we look at one of the pictures and see the position of his ‘black’ hand around one of the females in the picture. In my opinion, Justin Trudeau is a creation of the media; he has been a disaster and now a disgrace to the country. Why are we still talking whether he is still in the race to form the next government? Now that we know the facts, the Liberal party who supported him should be turfed out without any doubt, because they are equally responsible. To re-elect this government would prove that Canadians no longer value transparency, accountability and most of all condone the behavior of a racist Prime Minister, who was after all elected by his party to be their leader.

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