Sunday, 1 July 2018

Immigration: The Crisis of our Times

From the migration of our ancestors from the African continent to today’s migration from third world countries, humanity as always sought greener pastures. With the election of President Trump, the world is now aware that we cannot have uncontrolled open borders.

There are many benefits as well as complications with migration. People move for different reasons: economic, security, well-being and increasingly refuge from poverty and terrorism. Over the years what was seen as compassion from developed countries has also been used for economic gains. However today, immigration is being used as a political football by progressives to alter the political landscape.

The United States has long been seen as the ultimate destination for immigrants, from both developed and third world countries. The economic juggernaut and creator of wealth is a magnet for people seeking to improve their well-being. The American Dream has always been the goal for a vast majority. The current problem is the result of years of Congressional inaction caused by the flagrant abuse of cheap labor from mainly Mexico. In recent past the number of illegal immigrants from Central American countries -Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other Latin countries has increased geometrically. The majority of illegals cross the border into Mexico and travel without control to the U.S border. Reports estimate that the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S may well be between 11 to 24 million.
President Trump promised to change and control the U.S borders but the Democrats and some Republicans in Congress have been extremely reluctant to change the laws for political reasons. The Democrats have always believed that ignoring current immigration laws benefit their voting base, while Republicans do not believe in amnesty for the so-called DACA immigrants. In this divisive debate about U.S immigration too often the truth does not come out. Trump is blamed for the same policies created by Obama and other previous administrations. The latest outrage about children being separated from their parents is the direct result of a Court order which originated from an Obama immigration law, which prevents children from being separated from their parents for more than 20 days. This judgement resulted in what is known as ‘catch and release’. To date Congress is still unwilling to pass revised laws that will improve the current status of immigration in the U.S.

On the other side of the world Europe has been the chosen destination for many from the African continent and the rest of the world. Chancellor Merkel of Germany created a serious problem by admitting millions of illegals. Given the rules of free movement in the EU, other countries have seen an increase in illegal immigrants. Furthermore, war in the Middle East and poverty in the sub-Sahara countries have acerbated the situation. Europe has been invaded by hordes of immigrants seeking asylum and many countries are now questioning the wisdom of progressive policies that have allowed this crisis. Italy, Hungary and Malta have recently refused to take more illegal immigrants. I also believe that Brexit is a direct result of the EU’s policy on migration.

Immigration in Canada is driven by the need for economic growth and nation-building. The future of the country depends on a well-constructed immigration policy, but for years through the tinkering of successive governments we have seen, to the detriment of the principles of nation-building, a progressive deterioration in regulations, statutes and administration of the country’s immigration programs. Under the current government of Justin Trudeau, the situation has worsened, as he adopted an open border policy. Today we see thousands coming across our unmanned borders. The problem is that provinces are seeing enormous costs in harbouring these illegal immigrants.

Each country has different immigration laws, some more liberal than others. However there seems to be a trend to support an open border policy. The United Nations has created a problem in Central and Southern America by supporting progressive ideas and governments who believe that capitalism is a bad concept. They have created a situation where governments in these countries are no longer really in control, but instead the population is now controlled by socialist dictators, gang leaders, drug lords and cartels. Under those circumstances we can see an increase in refugee claimants from these countries.

As for the uninformed Canadian who chooses to protest, it is the result of the Canadian media taking its lead from the progressive media around the world, with little regard for fact checking. It seems that the Canadian TV media cannot do any investigations of their own, as they routinely take their cue from NBC, CNN, ABC, all liberal U.S media. The Canadian point of view ignores how the thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country are being treated. The media rarely focusses on city tents, military camps or the use of sport stadiums to house illegal immigrants. For sanctimonious Canadians who continuously attack Trump’s immigration policies, we should start looking at our own backyard. We are no better, and definitely we do not enforce our existing laws for the sake of votes, political correctness and a seat at the corrupt United Nations.
The narrative in the liberal mass media continues to drive the debate with accusations of xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia. In reports of recent protests around many cities in the world and the U.S, ignored is the facts that many, if not all, the laws applied by Trump were not only supported but created by his three predecessors – Clinton, Bush and Obama. It has become a trend to use pictures of drowning kids and kids in cages to ramp up the rhetoric. In the accusations of Trump placing kids separated from their parents in cages, the media used pictures from the 2014 Obama era. A distortion of the facts by the media and Hollywood delusional actors further exacerbates the crisis. In addition, the reports very often omit the fact that most illegal immigrants are prey to human traffickers, drug cartels and terrorist groups.

There is no doubt that the immigration crisis is a problem of our own making, because the progressive, globalist left has chosen to ignore that if you do not have borders you do not have a nation. Compassion is a trait that separates humans from animals. However using compassion as an excuse to redraw national boundaries and advance a political agenda is perhaps one of the vilest actions employed by politicians aided and abetted by a less than credible mass media.

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