Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Trump Saga: Collusion or Conspiracy?

Ever since Trump was elected President of the United Sates, the delusional left has been trying to get him out of office. It first started with accusations of collusion with Russia, then it became obstruction of justice. Do we have a ‘vast left-wing’ conspiracy in the United Sates?

Collusion is defined as a secret understanding for a fraudulent purpose. The Democrats imply that meetings between the Trump campaign and Russian individuals are acts of collusion to subvert the elections. Notwithstanding that Adam Schiff, the Ranking Democrat  Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has appeared on Kremlin backed RT. However since there are no statutes to criminalize such acts according to Lawyer Alan Dershowitz who states flatly that “even if it were to turn out that the Trump campaign collaborated, colluded or cooperated with Russian agents, that alone would not be a crime, unless the campaign asked them or helped them to commit criminal acts such as hacking.” As a result of the Democrats alleged accusations of collusion, special counsel Robert Mueller, was appointed to investigate the Trump campaign, apparently based on the contents of a so-called ‘Trump Dossier’.  So far there has been no evidence of collusion, and the charge of obstruction of justice has been added to the investigation, because the President fired the FBI Director James Comey. As the investigation progresses we see many twists to the case as former Trump campaign personnel are being charged with money laundering, giving speeches in Russia and other meetings with Russians. Yet there was no alleged collusion when in 2012, President Obama was overheard over a hot microphone telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have "more flexibility" to negotiate with Putin after the election.

The real question is why was the special counsel appointed and what is the evidence for surveillance of the Trump campaign under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant? It seems that there was a concerted effort by certain members of the FBI and the Department of Justice to either protect Hillary Clinton or to subvert the election of Donald Trump. As more texts and e-mails are being found and declassified we are starting to see a pattern of true collusion to hurt Trump. The real source for a FISA order seems to emanate from the ‘Dossier’ for Fusion GPS authored by Cristopher Steele.
Christopher Steele is a former British spy who had previously worked for the FBI. The Dossier was first funded by Republican no Trumpers, and then was financed by both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. Furthermore it seems that the FISA order was obtained without the judge being informed that the Dossier’s information came from Russian sources.
The FISA snafu may be only the tip of the iceberg. It is now revealed that members of the FBI were talking about a meeting of a ‘secret society’  in text messages exchanged between two senior FBI officials named Peter Strzok and Lisa Page during and after the 2016 election. In addition coming to light is the relationship between Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and Steele who was hired by Fusion GPS where his wife, Nellie Ohr works.
Another interesting connection is the case of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who with James Comey, was responsible for Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails investigation.
McCabe’s wife was given $467,000 by then-Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe's a friend of the Clintons’.

There is no doubt that the Trump saga is turning into a political football between the Democrats and the Republicans. Hate or love Trump he was elected President, but the delusional left who cannot believe they lost an election that they should have won will continue to look for collusion or obstruction of justice. By the way the President can fire anybody he wishes, including the Director of Deputy Director of the FBI.

 Memos between different political factions will not solve the problem. If it is decided to investigate Hillary Clinton for the deleted emails and her actions when dealing with the sale of uranium to the Russians, this will further acerbate the political divide. There are still other troubling issues to be examined. What was discussed between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Arizona?  What was the role of the Obama administration and the State Department in the obtaining of the FISA order? How much did Obama know? The problem is that the United Sates maybe going down the path of a constitutional crisis that could be even greater than Watergate.

While all this may be a U.S problem, as a Canadian I am also very worried about the role played by the Canadian media in reporting these events. Every day we are bombarded by  one sided news about collusion with the Russians, and obstruction of justice by Trump. As an example Global’s Dawna Friesen starts every night with a segment about Trump, using sources like ABC, NBC, CBS and of course CNN, all members of the liberal mass media. I opined that since Friesen found out that many Canadians are worried about her reporting of events, she decided to defend herself in a the segment titled  'Reliable sources under the age of misinformation' Friesen interviewed Brian Stelter CNN’s Senior media reporter. The subject discussed is about the attack on the media by Trump and others. Problem is that there is no analysis from the other side of the issue. If Canadian reporters are worried about the truth they should do their own analysis and stop being the sycophants of the Liberal left.
Who do we believe? Who is colluding? Who are the conspirators? Is there a secret society against Trump? Is the ‘deep state’ trying to undermine the Trump Presidency? Remember the 'truth is out there' the media just has to work harder to find it, instead of relying on the same distorted sources. The media used to be the guardian of the truth today it seems that the Liberal media has lost all credibility.

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