Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Orlando Terrorist Attack

After the tragedy of Orlando everyone is taking sides. The problem is that ordinary people have opinions of their own, but leaders and politicians should be very careful on how they categorize the senseless killing of 49 innocent people who were just having fun. Completely ignored is that after reports of ISIS involvement the media is still ambivalent in their reports on whether it was a hate crime or and act of terrorism. In my opinion it was both a hate crime perpetrated by an Islamic Jihadist who swore allegiance to ISIS.
President Obama instead of reassuring his country and the world went on a rant against gun control and the Presidential GOP candidate Donald Trump.
From a political point of view the President can argue with Trump as much as he likes, however from a leadership point of view he failed again in identifying the real cause of the problem. For seven and half years he has yet to identify the problem as coming from 'radical Islam' as if these atrocities were being committed by some strange unidentified enemy. He is worried that the label 'radical Islam' would offend all Muslims; reality is that by using the word 'radical' already differentiates the bad ones from the majority of good Muslims.
As for the issue of gun control, his DNC party have long been opponents of the second amendment. He should be reminded that the bad guys will always get whatever weapon they want to use despite rules, regulations and laws. In countries where there exists strict gun laws terrorists still found a way to get guns. Guns have not been the sole weapons used in terrorism attacks around the world: 9/11 -box cutters, Boston- pressure cooker, Paris and other places -knives, not to mention IEDs and gas.
Of course Mrs. Clinton who has now clinched the DNC nomination is somewhat departing from the President's rhetoric, after years of being part of the problem. She is now using a different tone to identify the terrorists
Mr President stop lecturing us in the use of words and semantics.
Tzun Zu in his Art of War, said. 'Know thy enemy, know thyself". If you cannot identify your enemy it is very likely that you cannot formulate a strategy to defeat them. We have been in the middle of a war for more than 15 years with one identifiable enemy, and yet the response by the President is an attack on a politician, who may be boisterous at best, instead of an attack on the real perpetrators. The real shame is that the media continuously provides a narrative that supports his rhetoric instead of producing unbiased reporting to inform the public, who ultimately will be the electorate.
As for Mr. Trump he should articulate his policies in a less bombastic and personal attack way and perhaps he will get more traction and support, because in the end the crisis is not about politicians. It is about people of all creed, race and color -this is an international conflict that can only be solved by a purposeful strategy with no caveats, or conditions
Mr. President we are at war whether you believe it or not, and despite your Nobel Peace Prize you are a war President. Just do your job.

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