Thursday, 12 September 2019

Choose forward down a slippery slope

It has been four long years, and now Canadians have the opportunity to render the verdict on the Trudeau government. Make no mistake this upcoming election may well be the most important for decades, and Canadians have only a choice between two parties and two political ideologies. Right and left.
Most polls show that the race is close, between the Conservatives and Liberals, with the NDP, Green and others trailing. The problem is that except for a majority Conservative government, we are going to have a government of the left for left. A minority Liberal government will be supported by the NDP and the Green, despite their claims that they do not run to do so, because power sharing is too enticing.
While the mass media have spent most of their time focussing on Trump’s presidency, they ignored the failures of the Trudeau government. Yes, they have reported on the SNC Lavalin scandal and his costume trip to India, but have they really looked at his failures to keep most of his promises? This election is not about Harper, it clearly is about the Trudeau record of the past four years. We have a Canadian electorate largely uninformed about their own government’s track record. We have a divided country based on the size of the electoral vote in Ontario and Quebec. The West has once again been ignored and its economic base that provides so much to the rest of the country has been decimated by failed policies which have continuously been supported by an increasingly partisan judiciary. The promised sunny days did not materialized, at least in the eyes of many westerners.
In my opinion, Trudeau is going to bring back the old attacks on conservative’s social issues, and economic policies, while ignoring the fact that he misled the electorate on virtually everything he promised. There is no Liberal foreign policy, except for the $6 billion given away as aid to various countries to secure a seat at the U.N’s council. The economy is not as rosy as being portrayed; we have accumulated massive debts, which came about because Trudeau believes that budgets balance themselves. After four years of bad government, it is impossible to think of another four years of the same; if not worse should a minority Liberal government supported by the NDP and the Green. To placate its supporters, the liberal government will have to move further left.
Anything but a conservative government will see the country go down a slippery slope to the left never seen before; even worse than the Pierre Trudeau era. It is no coincidence that you see young educated women protesting cloaked in red like the characters in the Handmaid’s Tale, it is also no happenstance that Margaret Atwoods’ sequel have the characters dressed in green. We now have a generation of new voters who have been indoctrinated by a failing education system. They really believe that Canada is a better place because of our liberal policies. What they ignore, is that under the guise of hate speech laws, we are gradually being gagged and prevented from expressing ourselves in a veiled censorship of the English language. Future leftist policies will continue to increase the redistribution of wealth, they will dictate what we can and should eat, and impose other U.N supported agendas, as we relinquish our sovereignty.
If I sound paranoid, it is because I am. Canadians should have a good look at the Liberals’ past record. Before going to the polls they have enough days to review and acquaint themselves with the facts. Canada is not in a good place with Trudeau. The country will be further divided and the chaos of his father’s days will come back.
To ‘choose forward’ is not to go back to the future. In my humble opinion, this country has no other choice but to vote for a Conservative government on October 21st, I personally do not look forward to the alternative.

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