Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Climate zealots: How dare you?

For over two decades there has been a growing environmental movement, mostly used by leftist politicians to create and agenda of wealth redistribution. Today we have reached the point where 16 year olds and other juveniles have come to the United Nations to lecture us about the upcoming end of the world. How did we get to this point?
Believe it or not climate is in constant flux. However when the narrative changed to the abolition of carbon, some people saw an opportunity to make a change to the way the world operates. Politicians backed by certain scientists, who may or may not be experts in climatology, pushed the idea that the world would end if we do not curb carbon emissions. Canada, who in my view suffers from an inferiority complex, was very glad to support Dr. David Suzuki, because it placed one of its citizens on the world stage.  In 1992, Pierre Trudeau and his friend Maurice Strong pushed the notion of ‘sustainable development’. Subsequently there were several conferences and agreements  including the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, all these conferences produced very little in terms of real environmental results, and Governments saw an excuse to raise taxes on carbon products, mainly oil. However some opportunists, including Strong, Al Gore and others, made millions through the stupid ‘Cap and Trade’, a system which never reduced emissions but created wealth for the very few; the same people who travel by private jets and gas guzzling limousine, and may have the largest carbon footprint than  the rest of us.
Every level of government has been involved in the creation of environmental policies. While there have been many advances in technology and cleaner emissions, politicians have seized on the public’s demand for cleaner air and pollution reduction to increase taxes and redistribute wealth as well as enriching their supporters. On the other side of the equation there has been the silence and acquiescence of industries, which paid lip service to NGOs such as Greenpeace because they were afraid of a backlash. The oil industry in Alberta is in a virtual standstill because the export of its main product has been blocked by regulations and law suits by environmental groups.
The most troubling result of all this focus on global warming and climate change has been the indoctrination of a whole generation, which has produced a movement made of kids who are traumatised by the constant bombardment of the existential threat of climate change. Many of these kids are now marching the streets and even suing governments for their inactions. We have reached a state of mass hysteria among an upcoming generation, because adults have failed to address the real environmental issues, since they placed so much faith in the reports produced by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) while ignoring the solutions created by new technology.
Enter the product of this world wide indoctrination of our youth: Greta Thunberg of Sweden, the latest environment activist. She is a sixteen year old who may be suffering from OCD and other mental afflictions. She is now travelling the industrialized world to lecture politicians. She is sometimes accompanied by a group of kids and adults, and her coach Luisa Neubauer of One.org which is funded by, Bill Gates, Bono, Soros, Opensociety among others. With a number of other kids Thunberg came to address the U.N’s Climate Action Summit where some of their statements and threats are downright scary, and smack of the type of language used by youths belonging to authoritarian cultures. For example: Kamal Karishma Kumar of Fiji said:  “We will mobilize to get you out”, Greta Thunberg Of Sweden stated that the movement was unstoppable.  Canadian Marina Melanidis added “Young people deserve to co-design their own futures – and honestly, you can’t do that without us.” What is disturbing is that these kids are not well informed, but are ready to recite the mantra of environmentalists and leftist politicians, as lectured to them by an increasingly activist education system.
It is very disturbing to see how these kids were received by leaders like Merkel and Macron who believe that it suits their agenda to support these kids. While some people were sounding the alarm on what happened at the U.N, by contrast I like activism even by young kids, because I once was like them. The difference is I was taught to see both sides of the issue, I may have been on the wrong side of the argument but I never threatened anybody. All of us should be very concerned about this new manifestation. In my opinion these kids are being used by adults to justify the agenda that they have been unable or unwilling to get implemented. It is not so easy to attack kids, who are doing the dirty work of adults. To me this is mental abuse of a whole generation.  Increase in suicide and mental anguish among young people can be attributable in part to this mass hysteria of the world ending very soon, perhaps in 12 years, while politicians are making promises with policies to rectify the situation in 20 or 30 years. To show their support do not be surprised to see Thunberg being nominated for a Nobel Peace prize, just like the IPCC, after all the Nobel Peace Prize is now given to any leftist who has accomplished nothing.
There are solutions out there which are being ignored, and kids are being used to do the bidding of feckless politicians and we should be reminded of the words of George Orwell:” Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” and  “A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses.”

Friday, 20 September 2019

Blackface or Two-face

The left has used identity politics against their opponents for quite some time. The race card has been used to demonize conservatives and their policies. Racism is important, and should not be used to control civil discourse. The question is whether the biggest scandal to hit a Canadian political campaign will be discussed in its proper context?
For years the Trudeau bandwagon has been sponsored by the Liberal media. The weaknesses of the Prime Minister were never discussed; instead he was portrayed as the man who would bring us together at home and abroad. He was the toast of the world who knew nothing about him, except that he was the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister.
Over the past four years as Prime Minister, he has made promises and broken them. He is the only PM who has been found guilty of breaking the code of ethics, not once but twice. His mantra to include First nations into the national construct, with his Reconciliation Agenda, has backfired when he fired the first Indigenous Attorney General. Always accusing conservatives of being misogynist and touting equality for women, he dismissed and ejected two female Ministers from his cabinet and party. Always using his father’s multicultural policies, he created a brand of diversity that he has now succeeded in destroying.
The diversity guru has been found to be a two-faced politician with racist tendencies. The revelation and publication of at least three pictures of the PM in a blackface has proved that he was not just the vacuous and feckless PM that many of us believed, but that he has now been found to be a racist. Liberals accuse many of acculturation at Halloween; Trudeau’s trip to India with his family dressed in Indian garments was an insult to India and its culture.
While every political columnists and pundits are now re-evaluating their assessment of the PM, I will go further into blaming the media for what the country has now been plunged into. In my opinion, the bigger question is why Canadians have not been told about the PM’s tendencies for so many years. Four the past six years they fawned over him, as he apologized for everything, to the point that an apology from him means nothing. Even this latest incident has him apologizing, not for his actions, but for his ‘white privilege’. He is a hypocrite pure and simple.
I cannot believe that we are even asking the question whether his actions would cost him at the polls. Without any tangible proof President Trump has been called a racist for his policies, Maxime Bernier has been branded a racist for questioning our immigration policies, yet with clear evidence of racism some Canadians are still giving this PM the benefit of the doubt. If this had been a conservative politician he would have already been tarred, feathered and then crucified.
As an immigrant and a member of a minority group, I am outraged at some reactions that I have heard and seen. Every person of colour should be offended by the actions that the PM thought was comical at the time. Remember that he was a teacher and he was twenty-nine years old. He showed a complete lack of judgement and sensitivity. Furthermore let us not ignore the reported ‘groping’ incident as we look at one of the pictures and see the position of his ‘black’ hand around one of the females in the picture. In my opinion, Justin Trudeau is a creation of the media; he has been a disaster and now a disgrace to the country. Why are we still talking whether he is still in the race to form the next government? Now that we know the facts, the Liberal party who supported him should be turfed out without any doubt, because they are equally responsible. To re-elect this government would prove that Canadians no longer value transparency, accountability and most of all condone the behavior of a racist Prime Minister, who was after all elected by his party to be their leader.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Choose forward down a slippery slope

It has been four long years, and now Canadians have the opportunity to render the verdict on the Trudeau government. Make no mistake this upcoming election may well be the most important for decades, and Canadians have only a choice between two parties and two political ideologies. Right and left.
Most polls show that the race is close, between the Conservatives and Liberals, with the NDP, Green and others trailing. The problem is that except for a majority Conservative government, we are going to have a government of the left for left. A minority Liberal government will be supported by the NDP and the Green, despite their claims that they do not run to do so, because power sharing is too enticing.
While the mass media have spent most of their time focussing on Trump’s presidency, they ignored the failures of the Trudeau government. Yes, they have reported on the SNC Lavalin scandal and his costume trip to India, but have they really looked at his failures to keep most of his promises? This election is not about Harper, it clearly is about the Trudeau record of the past four years. We have a Canadian electorate largely uninformed about their own government’s track record. We have a divided country based on the size of the electoral vote in Ontario and Quebec. The West has once again been ignored and its economic base that provides so much to the rest of the country has been decimated by failed policies which have continuously been supported by an increasingly partisan judiciary. The promised sunny days did not materialized, at least in the eyes of many westerners.
In my opinion, Trudeau is going to bring back the old attacks on conservative’s social issues, and economic policies, while ignoring the fact that he misled the electorate on virtually everything he promised. There is no Liberal foreign policy, except for the $6 billion given away as aid to various countries to secure a seat at the U.N’s council. The economy is not as rosy as being portrayed; we have accumulated massive debts, which came about because Trudeau believes that budgets balance themselves. After four years of bad government, it is impossible to think of another four years of the same; if not worse should a minority Liberal government supported by the NDP and the Green. To placate its supporters, the liberal government will have to move further left.
Anything but a conservative government will see the country go down a slippery slope to the left never seen before; even worse than the Pierre Trudeau era. It is no coincidence that you see young educated women protesting cloaked in red like the characters in the Handmaid’s Tale, it is also no happenstance that Margaret Atwoods’ sequel have the characters dressed in green. We now have a generation of new voters who have been indoctrinated by a failing education system. They really believe that Canada is a better place because of our liberal policies. What they ignore, is that under the guise of hate speech laws, we are gradually being gagged and prevented from expressing ourselves in a veiled censorship of the English language. Future leftist policies will continue to increase the redistribution of wealth, they will dictate what we can and should eat, and impose other U.N supported agendas, as we relinquish our sovereignty.
If I sound paranoid, it is because I am. Canadians should have a good look at the Liberals’ past record. Before going to the polls they have enough days to review and acquaint themselves with the facts. Canada is not in a good place with Trudeau. The country will be further divided and the chaos of his father’s days will come back.
To ‘choose forward’ is not to go back to the future. In my humble opinion, this country has no other choice but to vote for a Conservative government on October 21st, I personally do not look forward to the alternative.

Monday, 26 August 2019

For a balanced point of view

There are many Trump haters out there. I for one do not like many of President Trump’s tweets and the way that he does politics. I am not going to defend his tactics but I must say at the onset that I like many of policies, which in many cases are required to rectify many of the problems that face us all. But what I object to is the constant rants from the left more specifically by Andrew Cohen, who seems to have been granted a regular column in the Calgary Herald. His latest one is entitled “Trump targets Urban America”.

I acknowledge that Mr. Cohen is a professor and the author of a book about J. Kennedy, but what we should know is that there are always two sides to the story. While Mr. Cohen praises the revival of certain cities in America, he also portrays Mr. Trump as a bigot and a racist without much proof. President Trump has brought forward many issues that were ignored by his predecessors, and which today when brought to light are causing much consternation and angst in America, but which in reality are true.

To start with, U.S immigration laws have been neglected for political gains by both Republicans and Democrats. The once un-acknowledged crisis on the border with Mexico is now accepted as a full blown one, but the rhetoric continues: that Trump’s policies are racist in nature. This is a constant refrain from the left who believe that we should have no borders.

As for the case against Trump for his attack on urban America, we should look at the facts, despite the latest from presidential candidate Biden who said that he prefers ‘truth over facts’. Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco are but a few cities that are reeling under debt, gang related shootings, drug trafficking, and homelessness. Despite Mr. Cohen’s claim that these cities are beacons of an urban renaissance, he ignores the fact that the real decay was caused by Democrats who run these places.

My point in writing this column is that Canada is going to be in the throngs of a federal election, which will undoubtedly involve many of the same issues being debated south of the border.  I do not wish that the vitriol used in the Stares comes to Canada during the campaign, because I am certain that in many instances the Conservative platform will be equated to that of the Republicans, while we are going to ignore the failures associated with some of the socialist policies put forward by the Liberal party, and the Democrats.

As we go forward it would be nice to see the Calgary Herald publish more columns about real Canadian issues and not the state of affairs in the United Sates, especially coming from the likes of the Washington Post and the New York Times which are coming under attack from both sides of the aisle even in their own country for their bias reporting. Should we want to continue informing the public about our neighbor to the South, perhaps we should have a more balanced reporting of the facts especially from more independent writers.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Racism, identity politics and the Left

Slavery is one of the most abject systems ever devised by man. Too often it has been used to be the starting point for describing racism, especially in the United States. Racism: the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities based on inherent superiority of a particular race are now used by many on the left to oppose everyone who disagrees with their views and ideology.
In light of what is happening in the United States with regards to Trump’s tweets and feud with the so-called ‘Squad’, it is important that we take a step back and examine the use of the word racism in politics. At the onset of this discussion, I must make it quite clear that I do not condone the tone used by Trump to explain his policies, but I do support the tenure of his policies and his condemnation of attacks against him, Israel and conservatism in general. To this effect we should look at the trend and escalation of the term racism to describe conservative policies around the world.
Obama, the first black President of the United States, was elected by a majority of white voters, given that the black community makes only approximately 14% of the entire U.S population. So America is not a racist nation. The continuous use of the term ‘white privilege’ by the left is often used to demonize capitalism. It is a demographic fact of life that there are more Caucasians than other minorities in the U.S. Over the years that will change, but it does not mean that we should demonize the achievements of a white majority. Those who talk about ‘reparations’ and ‘white privilege’ should ask themselves: How many white men died in the civil war to abolish slavery? How many of today’s colored people have ancestors who owned slaves?
While it has been slow for African Americans to make significant progress in certain areas, there is no doubt that there are many successes that have been achieved by blacks in all fields of endeavour. However, today skin color is being used to change the values of Judeo-Christianism, capitalism and to bring forth socialist policies. The left continuously proclaims that all policies dissimilar to theirs are racist. It is not racism that is at the root of the current problems but rather the rise of socialism and the use of a new tool – political correctness. The left believes that freedom of speech is only theirs to use, nobody else’s. Racism is the new ‘gag’ to silence conservatives.
Let us look at the current calls of racism: The left in many western countries have seen their failed attempt to bring forth socialism; as a result they are using the fight against racism to institute polices that favor “Open borders policies” and “sanctuary cities” which in effect means the destruction of national sovereignty. Just because most illegal immigrants are people of color, it does not mean that laws should be allowed to be broken to accommodate them. Homelessness is not a racist issue it is a social issue which includes mental health, drug addiction among other symptoms.
In the corporate world we see the new trend of blaming racism to explain the lack of success by certain groups, Recently it was revealed that racism may be at the root of white privilege in the cannabis industry.- too many white men . There is no doubt that racism exists in many parts of our society, but it is not always the root cause of failure.
While the world is consumed with the debate between the four Democrat Congresswomen who make up the ‘Squad’, we ignore the fact that under Trump there has been an increase in Black and Hispanics employment that the average wage is on the increase.
 The media is focussed on Trump’s tone but not his achievements. What is disturbing is that while  in Canada we have not reached the level of debate based on racism,  I cannot discard the view that in the coming months the Liberal and the NDP will portray the Conservative Party of Canada as being xenophobic, and racist. Canadians should watch carefully how the debates are framed and open their eyes to real policies and not tone or labels. The success of a nation is not based on division but rather in the unification of ideas and values and racism in any form, real or created by political rhetoric must be rejected outright.