Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Russian roulette.

There is no doubt in my mind that  Russians interfered with the U.S 2016 elections, but had no effect on the ultimate results, In fact all powerful countries have interfered in other nations elections in one way or another. So why are we focused on collusion rather than democratic interference?

The whole idea of collusion comes from the Democrats who still cannot believe that the ‘shoe-in’ presumptive President Clinton lost the election to a political neophyte. From the first morning after Trump’s election the drum beat about collusion was started. Ever since then we have seen the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the Russian interference. Despite the fact that people have been indicted, there still has been no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Instead what we have seen is a slew of incriminating evidence of bias within the FBI and the so-called ‘deep state’ against Trump.

On July 16, 2018 Trump met with Putin in a summit which is being demonized in many quarters. The Democrats called for the summit to be cancelled because, among other things, it was disclosed by the DOJ that 12 Russians, members of the Russian Intelligence Agency GRU were being indicted for interference in the 2016 elections. These operatives will never see a day in jail. The timing of the DOJ’s statement came just before the summit. Was it another deliberate attempt to sabotage Trump’s meeting?
There is also the continued debate about Trump’s reluctance to openly condemn Putin for the interference while dissing his Western allies. The irony is that while he does not condemn the Russian government, he is actually imposing enormous sanctions on some 700 Russians businessmen and companies. His bluster and language does not reflect his actions, in fact he has been tougher on Russia than his predecessor. As a result this brings me to my thoughts on the Russia/U.S relationship.
It is said that one should keep one’s friends close and one’s enemies closer. I believe that is exactly what Trump is doing in his relationship with North Korea and Russia. Trump was elected in November 2016, but the previous administration was aware of Russian interference and did nothing to stop it. Furthermore, those who criticize the Trump approach to Putin should remember how Obama dealt with the Russians. One there was the stupid ‘reset button’ presented to Russia by Secretary of State Clinton. Two there was the famous off-mic recording of the conversation between President Medvedev and Obama that went like this:
“President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.
President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…
President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.
President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”10

Oddly, Obama on a trip to South Africa gives a speech, a veiled criticism of Trump, and opines about the rise of ‘strongman politics’. In a recent study it was found that lemurs of Malagasy can smell fear. It is not only animals that have these characteristics. Obama’s appeasement policies open the door for autocratic leaders like Putin and Assad to take advantage of the situation with disastrous consequences. The fact is Obama forgets that what is happening is a backlash against his ‘lead from behind policies’.

It is easy to say that Trump missed an opportunity to publicly confront Putin, but we do not know what happened behind closed doors. In fact Trump’s election campaign was one that wanted to negotiate and make deals. Presumably that meant dealing on trade, foreign policies and nuclear proliferation. What is wrong with trying to prevent WWIII? Unfortunately his adversaries would like him to fail because his predecessors failed miserably in those areas. Too often in their attacks, they forget that in the last decade Russia has increased its influence in Syria, Iran, and has attacked Ukraine and annexed Crimea. Where was the outcry about Obama’s appeasement approach to foreign affairs?

I support Trump’s approach to negotiation. Diplomacy, as defined by current adversaries, got us nowhere His attack on so-called allies is a breath of fresh air. His demands for NATO members to pay their fair share and his attack on free trade are long overdue. For too long progressive governments in Europe and Canada have taken advantage of the U.S military might to divert their share of defence budget to social programs, and thus have contributed to the rise of socialism in these countries. The immigration open border policies are causing undue financial burden on many economies, and yet politicians do not see compassion in refugees and illegal immigrants but rather as a source for votes.

Commenting on foreign affairs, always leads me to comment on Canada’s somewhat hypocritical reporting by our media. The issue of Russian interference in U.S elections gets ample coverage, as it affects Trump. However, very little is said about interference in Canada’s elections. Why? Because presumably, the interference by Soros, Tides Foundation etc. tends to, favor the election of Liberals.

If and when the enquiries and assault on the legitimacy of Trump’s election disappear, it will be interesting to see what state the world would be in. The continuous attack on this President is doing nothing to elevate the stature of Democrats. In fact it is destroying the ability of the President to lead. By the same token if Americans and socialist progressives around the world, continuously bombarded by a bias media, would take some time to really get the facts, they would see that Trump is getting things done in a manner that no one would have expected before his election,

Although Trump admitted that he ‘misspoke’ at the Helsinki press conference, I may be proven wrong, but as a strong supporter of ‘chaotic diplomacy I believe that Trump will not condemn Putin, or abate his attacks on the establishment until all allegations of collusion are removed. Even then I do not believe he should stop his attacks on globalism. Too often in the past conservatives around the world have allowed the left to dictate the shape of things to come. It is about time that the U.S. under Trump re-establishes its leadership just like Reagan did. The game of Russian roulette being played by the left will backfire and thank goodness it will be the progressives that will lose.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Immigration: The Crisis of our Times

From the migration of our ancestors from the African continent to today’s migration from third world countries, humanity as always sought greener pastures. With the election of President Trump, the world is now aware that we cannot have uncontrolled open borders.

There are many benefits as well as complications with migration. People move for different reasons: economic, security, well-being and increasingly refuge from poverty and terrorism. Over the years what was seen as compassion from developed countries has also been used for economic gains. However today, immigration is being used as a political football by progressives to alter the political landscape.

The United States has long been seen as the ultimate destination for immigrants, from both developed and third world countries. The economic juggernaut and creator of wealth is a magnet for people seeking to improve their well-being. The American Dream has always been the goal for a vast majority. The current problem is the result of years of Congressional inaction caused by the flagrant abuse of cheap labor from mainly Mexico. In recent past the number of illegal immigrants from Central American countries -Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other Latin countries has increased geometrically. The majority of illegals cross the border into Mexico and travel without control to the U.S border. Reports estimate that the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S may well be between 11 to 24 million.
President Trump promised to change and control the U.S borders but the Democrats and some Republicans in Congress have been extremely reluctant to change the laws for political reasons. The Democrats have always believed that ignoring current immigration laws benefit their voting base, while Republicans do not believe in amnesty for the so-called DACA immigrants. In this divisive debate about U.S immigration too often the truth does not come out. Trump is blamed for the same policies created by Obama and other previous administrations. The latest outrage about children being separated from their parents is the direct result of a Court order which originated from an Obama immigration law, which prevents children from being separated from their parents for more than 20 days. This judgement resulted in what is known as ‘catch and release’. To date Congress is still unwilling to pass revised laws that will improve the current status of immigration in the U.S.

On the other side of the world Europe has been the chosen destination for many from the African continent and the rest of the world. Chancellor Merkel of Germany created a serious problem by admitting millions of illegals. Given the rules of free movement in the EU, other countries have seen an increase in illegal immigrants. Furthermore, war in the Middle East and poverty in the sub-Sahara countries have acerbated the situation. Europe has been invaded by hordes of immigrants seeking asylum and many countries are now questioning the wisdom of progressive policies that have allowed this crisis. Italy, Hungary and Malta have recently refused to take more illegal immigrants. I also believe that Brexit is a direct result of the EU’s policy on migration.

Immigration in Canada is driven by the need for economic growth and nation-building. The future of the country depends on a well-constructed immigration policy, but for years through the tinkering of successive governments we have seen, to the detriment of the principles of nation-building, a progressive deterioration in regulations, statutes and administration of the country’s immigration programs. Under the current government of Justin Trudeau, the situation has worsened, as he adopted an open border policy. Today we see thousands coming across our unmanned borders. The problem is that provinces are seeing enormous costs in harbouring these illegal immigrants.

Each country has different immigration laws, some more liberal than others. However there seems to be a trend to support an open border policy. The United Nations has created a problem in Central and Southern America by supporting progressive ideas and governments who believe that capitalism is a bad concept. They have created a situation where governments in these countries are no longer really in control, but instead the population is now controlled by socialist dictators, gang leaders, drug lords and cartels. Under those circumstances we can see an increase in refugee claimants from these countries.

As for the uninformed Canadian who chooses to protest, it is the result of the Canadian media taking its lead from the progressive media around the world, with little regard for fact checking. It seems that the Canadian TV media cannot do any investigations of their own, as they routinely take their cue from NBC, CNN, ABC, all liberal U.S media. The Canadian point of view ignores how the thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country are being treated. The media rarely focusses on city tents, military camps or the use of sport stadiums to house illegal immigrants. For sanctimonious Canadians who continuously attack Trump’s immigration policies, we should start looking at our own backyard. We are no better, and definitely we do not enforce our existing laws for the sake of votes, political correctness and a seat at the corrupt United Nations.
The narrative in the liberal mass media continues to drive the debate with accusations of xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia. In reports of recent protests around many cities in the world and the U.S, ignored is the facts that many, if not all, the laws applied by Trump were not only supported but created by his three predecessors – Clinton, Bush and Obama. It has become a trend to use pictures of drowning kids and kids in cages to ramp up the rhetoric. In the accusations of Trump placing kids separated from their parents in cages, the media used pictures from the 2014 Obama era. A distortion of the facts by the media and Hollywood delusional actors further exacerbates the crisis. In addition, the reports very often omit the fact that most illegal immigrants are prey to human traffickers, drug cartels and terrorist groups.

There is no doubt that the immigration crisis is a problem of our own making, because the progressive, globalist left has chosen to ignore that if you do not have borders you do not have a nation. Compassion is a trait that separates humans from animals. However using compassion as an excuse to redraw national boundaries and advance a political agenda is perhaps one of the vilest actions employed by politicians aided and abetted by a less than credible mass media.

Sunday, 10 June 2018


The meeting of the world’s economic engine, commonly known as the G7, took place in Canada on June 09, 2018. Justin Trudeau the Canadian PM wanted this meeting to be a crowning of his career, but as it turned out it may have been a colossal disaster.

Trudeau a vacuous political neophyte never understood that the world changed with Trump’s election as President of the United States. A rise in populism is causing a serious rift in political circles and it seems that globalism is gladly seeing its twilight. In view of serious trade issues including NAFTA and Trump’s view that trade with the rest of the world is not fair; Trudeau inserted social issues on his agenda. Noble as it may be, gender and apple-pie social issues could not take precedent over lingering economic and security issues.

The G7 meetings of the past, never really produced much, but instead proclaimed to resolve issues but ultimately were just another waste of taxpayers’ money to get leaders of the world together for a photo-op. The problem this time was that Trump having withdrawn from international agreements like TTP and the Paris Climate Agreement had already sent a message that he wanted to renegotiate many issues that he believes affect his country’s economy and sovereignty. With a forthcoming summit with the leader of the rogue nation of North Korea, Trump did not put much effort into the Quebec meeting. So Trudeau and Macron decided that the meeting would be to pressure Trump on tariffs and social issues. The result was a resounding failure because Trump treated the meeting with contempt and not only was late at meetings but also left early. So the media labelled the meeting as G6+1.

The G6 made up of France, Canada, the U.K, Japan, Germany and Italy, have sometime been acting and behaving as offended U.S allies The mistake is that they believed that they could bully the leader of the most powerful country in the world. While in the past these meetings were about closed door discussions and agreements, which incidentally, did not come to any good results, this time Trump put all his cards on the table in public.

Trump has been very clear about trade and international multilateral agreements. He does not like them. In many ways his views on trade are very true. The U.S the largest economy in the world does have trade deficits with most other industrialized countries, and he wants to change that trend. The only way for him to get attention from the other G6 members was to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium. He used ‘security’ as the excuse to impose these tariffs because it was the only legal way for him to do it and by-pass Congress on trade issues. It is hypocritical  for any member of the G6 to complain about tariffs , when every single one of them have huge tariffs on imports in one way or another, Todays’ real free trade problems come from the fact that many countries protect some of their industries jealously by means of tariffs, and government subsidies.

As for NAFTA, there is no doubt that Canada, Mexico and the U.S have all benefitted from the original agreement. However as time went by, it seems that it may be time to renegotiate some of the original portions of the agreement. For Canada who accuses Trump of punishing his ally, Trudeau very conveniently ignores the fact that Canada imposes tariffs equivalent to over 200% on dairy and poultry products from the U.S thus hurting Canadian consumers. By the same token we must also acknowledge that the lumber issue has been adjudicated in favor of Canada several times, despite the fact that the Canadian government subsidises the industry. The Auto Pact has benefited Canada, and uses cheap steel and aluminum bought from China. Cheap labor in Mexico has also affected the U.S auto industry. In light of these facts it is clear that Trump wants to reverse some, if not all, the trade imbalance that exists between the U.S and the rest of the world.

The media is very quick to accuse Trump of playing the ‘Imperial’ card to negotiate, but ignore that the progressive ideas of the past decade are becoming tiresome and endangering the world economy. Under Obama the G7 was a lovefest of progressivism, which as we saw did nothing for world trade, the economy or world security. The Iran deal was put together by some G7 members, China and Russia. The result was to allow Iran to restart its nuclear program in 15 years and also get access to $T delivered in cash by cargo planes; the same money being used today to destabilize the Middle East. When Trump called for the abolition of the Iran agreement all the European allies disagreed, not for security reasons but in truth for economic reasons. The claim to be ‘Allies’ when it comes to trade tariffs is a bit disingenuous when they do not support him on serious security issues.

The Europeans do not like the fact that Trump calls for better contributions to NATO or cites them for their approach in the fight against terrorism. European and Canadian immigration policies have created havoc in their respective countries and yet they accuse Trump of being racist for promoting legal immigration. No wonder that Trump, rightly or wrongly, promotes to bring back Russia to the table for future G7 + Russia meetings. In fact I would go so far as adding China and calling it the G9. The real powers today are the U.S, Russia and China.  Russia was rightly excluded because of the Crimea and East Ukraine invasion. But it is time for the world to recognize that either these meetings are totally useless and mere photo-ops, or they must decide that to achieve serious and meaningful results the real powerful countries should be at the table. I believe that Trump understands this theory.

The Quebec G7 meeting was a fiasco; let us not sugar coat it. Trudeau and his progressive friends bungled it. They thought that ganging up on Trump would be advantageous, but they forgot that Trump is not the usual U.S President. He is after all a business man who has honed his negotiating skills through actual deal making not political pandering. He also knows that under his leadership the U.S economy is booming with a GDP of $20.4T compared to a $19.2T for the other six members combined. By Trump refusing to sign the final meeting’s communique further proves that the Canadian PM misjudged his place in world politics. He is a light weight with vacuous, globalist progressive ideas that do not serve Canada well on the international scene, except at the feckless United Nations. One does not have to give one’s shirt to achieve successful negotiations. The other members of the G6 better start understanding that Trump is a different President who is prepared to go it alone when necessary. Unfortunately this does not bode well when the U.S is still the policeman of the world and the engine of the world’s economy. Cooperation with your true ally is better that poking him in the eye.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Trump’s Protocol

About a year ago when President Trump continued his attack on international agreements that he did not like, the world accused him of being too bombastic and of being a President who did not understand foreign relations. In fact when he called Kim Jong- Un ‘little Rocket man’ as he put pressure on the rogue regime, many politicians and diplomats said that he was on the brink of starting WWIII. How times have changed!

The world is still getting used to President Trump’s approach to diplomacy. Unlike his many predecessors he does not believe in soft talking negotiations. He also does not seem to believe in international treaties which he believes affect the United States. In fact he demands that many previously agreed upon agreements be renegotiated. Starting with the Paris environment agreement and the Transpacific Trade Partnership, he just pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal, and may yet do the same to NAFTA.

On  North Korean , Trump just ratchetted the military power of the United States , moved military assets into the China Sea and threatened military action should North Korea continued its nuclear and Intercontinental Ballistic missile programs. His statements were seen as dangerous, but by putting the right sanctions and garnering China’s help we are now faced with a Summit between Kim Jong-un and President Trump, which is reminiscent of the Reagan/Gorbachev meeting which bodes well for a resolution to the conflict. North Korea has already hinted to denuclearize and released American prisoners. These may only be preliminary negotiating tactics, but in reality these gestures and the meeting are events that the world could not have foreseen only six months ago.

President Trump had previously stalled to decertify the Iran Deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. (JCPOA), which President Obama negotiated with the Europeans, China and Russia, he has now rescinded the U.S participation in the deal.. The so-called ‘Allies’ (France, Germany and the U.K) are unfortunately sitting on the fence and not backing Trump’s decision. There is a saying that “A camel is a horse build by a committee’, in my view the (JCPOA) is a camel which the participants created to please Obama and for economic and political influence. The Europeans have economic vested interest in placating Iran. For example, Iran has huge contracts with Total and Airbus. As for China and Russia, it is all about supporting Iran for political reasons for being a thorn in the United States foreign policy. However it must be remembered that the deal negotiated by Obama and Sec. John Kerry was never sent to Congress for approval. It was purely a political legacy that they are now defending, notwithstanding that the billions of dollars returned to Iran is now being used to fund terrorism and help to destabilize the Middle East. The deal would in effect allow Iran to re-start its nuclear program in some 15 years, whereas Trump wants no part of an Iran nuclear regime.

Despite the ramblings of the left and the Europeans, Trump’s decisions are producing positive results. Those protecting their interests and failed political legacies should take heed. I for one have always believed that ‘offense is the best form of defense’. Trump is following the Reagan view that ‘peace through strength’ is the best policy , he using a big stick first and then the carrot, Trump’s detractors must also remember that he has always said that if his deals do not work he will walk away, once again following Reagan’s ‘Trust but verify’ will hopefully be used in any negotiations.

The naiveté of Canada’s vacuous PM in supporting the Iran deal may bring more problems for NAFTA negotiations, should Trump decide to tighten the screws. If Iran decides to reduce the flow of oil, what an opportunity to push for pipelines east and west. In Canada conservatives starting to strategize for 2019 elections, should take heed of Trump’s tactics and plan for success.

The use of chaotic diplomacy should be a lesson for conservatives. The use of appeasement diplomacy or soft diplomacy has proven to be abject failures. The world should support and applaud any success brought by the Trump diplomatic protocol.

Could it be that chaotic diplomacy is the answer to world peace? I suggest that it may well be.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Gun Control: Shooting at the wrong targets

Every death is a tragedy and mass murders are an abomination. The latest student shooting in Florida has triggered a youth movement for gun control. While it is important to have laws, we must also understand the constitution and property rights. Exploitation of a tragedy and using children for political gain is not the right way to make constitutional changes.

There is no doubt that the U.S has the greatest number of reported shootings, but most of it is done either by criminals or police on criminals. Chicago has the largest number of black on black shootings in the country. The racial divided also contributes to much of the shootings. In many cases of police shootings it is quite clear that many victims, who happen to be black, rarely stop when called upon to do so by the police. Gangs who do not use legal firearms shoot each other or innocent by-standers. Terrorists and criminals use guns which they acquire illegally.

In my view, there is no doubt that semi-automatic guns cause a lot of damage, and assault weapons should be regulated in some way. President Trump has put forward a number of suggestions including the prohibition of bump stocks and perhaps a 21 year age limit for owners. I agree with the regulation of assault weapons, but do not agree with the age limit. If a government can place a gun in the hands of an 18 year old to go to war, why should he not be able to own a gun legally? Furthermore, most mass shootings or school attacks are used to attempt a change in the laws, but rarely do all the relevant facts taken into consideration or form part of the debate.

To start with, why is the mental state of a shooter always comes to the fore when there is a terrorist attack, but rarely when there is a school shooting? There is also a common thread in those school shootings, the perpetrator is always a loner, or is from a one parent family. The breakdown of the family and the increase of children without a father figure tend to be on the increase and too often contribute to lawlessness as well as mental issues. Schools and teachers have become the guardian of many children, which leads us to the very disturbing issue of control.

The United States Constitution is quite clear on gun ownership under the Second Amendment which states:     ‘A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The problem is that the law was written hundreds of years ago and firearms have changed from the one bullet black powder gun to automatic and semi-automatic firearms that fires dozens of bullets in seconds. The Left has always been against the ownership of firearms and at every opportunity they have attempted to change the law. This time the youth movement organizers of the ‘March for our lives’ seem to be supported by the Democrats. It is quite apparent that these high school students could not have organized these protest marches without the financial help of some organizations with deep pockets
The second amendment came about because many in the Founding generation believed that governments are prone to use soldiers to oppress the people. While we may live under different circumstances, one may also believe that the Left would want to control guns for a different purpose than stopping crime. Oppression comes about with the help of the military, indoctrination is done through education. While no democratic government is openly trying to oppress the people by military rule, it is becoming quite apparent that our education system is being used, for the past two decades, to indoctrinate the youth.

General studies used to be a class where students were taught civics and other subjects, Today social studies are all about social justice, gender identity, Islamophobia but not Christianophobia, climate change, open borders and sanctuary cities, the dangers of ‘white privilege’ political correctness and other socialist curriculum. It seems to me that students today are being brainwashed by a cabal of leftist teachers using Soviet style state indoctrination. Universities have taken the steps to punish professors and students who have different views different from their leftist agenda. Freedom of speech in many cases is being stifled in institutions of higher learning. Therefore the system produces teachers who have only one view and thus profess collectivism over individualism.

The left has been working on this plan of indoctrination for decades and they are succeeding. Trudeau’s election in Canada is further proof of this trend. The uprising of students affected by the Florida shootings is a manifestation of this trend. I give credit to any young person who takes a stand, but they must also be aware of being used for a much larger agenda. I am worried when I see four year old kids marching to stop the sale of guns or changing laws that may affect property rights. Canada already has a system to be trained before owning a gun, we already have restrictions on the type of guns that can be owned. The Trudeau government is using the “March for our lives’ to mobilize its supporters to make changes to existing gun ownership laws. Most of the protesters have no idea about the law or the rights of others. The majority of gun owners are hunters, sports enthusiasts, and are law abiding citizens, and they should not be placed in the same category of criminals who in most case possess illegal guns. By the way countries like Switzerland who have many guns have less shootings, contrast this with Honduras which has fewer guns but 20 times the murder rate of the U.S.

Be very careful; students marching in Washington and many other cities around the world, is not about guns. It is about the exploitation of our youths into the furtherance of a socialist agenda. What is the next step: Children reporting their parents? There is a need for a discussion about guns, and shootings, but we must also take a deep breath before we start shooting in the dark and abolishing people’s rights and implementing a socialist agenda through the back door.