Monday, 31 December 2018

2018: A Trumped Year

Most bridge aficionados know what the words ‘trump’ and ‘notrump mean, but most people do not really get it. But today the words mean something else. Many events, whether good or bad, have been attributed in one way or the other to a mercurial President Trump, resisted by his opponents, yet revered by his supporters. What does the past year meant to the world?

After two years of the Trump presidency, there is yet recognition of his achievements, but there is a continuous claim of Russian collusion and more Congressional investigations. There may be fire where there is smoke, but to date only some of his former associates have been charged for offences committed well before he even announced his candidacy for president. Others have been charged for fraud and arguably lying to the FBI. The world is still reeling after he has differentiated himself from his predecessors.

Not to forget his reduction of government regulations and a growing economy, on foreign policy, he has terminated the failed Iranian nuclear deal made by Obama which saw billions of dollars being returned to a regime that supports terrorism and threatens the Middle East. He has rightly asked that NATO members pay their fair share. He refused to take part in the so-called Paris Agreement on climate change. He has brokered a deal with the rogue nation of North Korea, which may yet be a successful accomplishment, but has proved to be at least a reason for a thaw on the Korean Peninsula. While I may disagree about his removal of troops from Syria, I have a caveat. The United States should ensure that the Kurds are protected, and that Russian and Iran are not left as the controlling forces in the region. More worrisome is the alignment of Turkey, a NATO member, with Russia.  It is a shame that he lost General Mathis, but on the other hand the U.S cannot continue to be the policeman of the world. As for his relationship with his allies, I would question the real meaning of ’allies’. The Europeans have spent very little to protect themselves, and still rely on the U.S for the ultimate protection form a rising Russia. They are aligned in a globalist agenda towards a one world government as they hide themselves in the United Nations.

Trump’s policy on immigration has caused the ire of the left, not only at home but among the other countries that are increasingly supportive of open borders. His idea of a wall across the border with Mexico is now debated as being immoral. The Democrats, who in the past voted for some form of wall or security barrier, now oppose the funding for the simple reason that it is Trump demanding it. Children’s’ separation from their illegal parents, and recently the death of two infants are now the subject of investigations. What is ignored is that there is a hoard of immigrants organized by leftist organizations moving north, and among them criminals and possibly terrorists. For years, both Republicans and Democrats have ignored the immigration dilemma for political reasons, and now it is  a crisis which Trump is determined to address even  including a prolonged shutdown of the government.

The Democrats, after two years, are still in denial that Trump is President and not Hilary Clinton. Despite retaking the House, they have lost seats in the Senate. They have tried to stop his nomination of officials at all levels of government, not to mention the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, through the most despicable display of hate seen since the appointment of Justice Thomas.
Democrats and some Republicans have been ‘Trumped’. The swamp is still operating behind the scene, but he is gradually cleaning it up. The danger not only lies within his party with politicians like the late Senator McCain, Corker and Flake, but with the unfortunate number of white suburban women who are not supporting him. This is a problem, because having been educated under an increasingly leftist/socialist education system, they are now voting based on tone rather than substance. Let us remember how tone produced feckless and vacuous leaders like Obama, Macron and Trudeau.

‘Notrump’ today means opposing the President at all costs. The resistance is well underway, supported by billionaires and a rising socialist class among the millennials. The opposition is so fierce, that I believe that if Trump discovered a cure for cancer, he would be accused of trying to poison the patients. Unlike the past, former Presidents are criticizing their successor openly and doing so on foreign soil, and for money. I do not agree with all of President Trump’s policies or the means by which he implements them, but I do believe that he is moving in the right direction to stop the growing threat of globalism, open borders and the continued reliance on the United Nations to make international policies, that although often non-binding, may affect sovereignty in the long run.

The bigger problem is while Democrats are trying to undermine Trump’s Presidency, they are ignoring the bigger threats, of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and terrorism. Political correctness is endangering us all, as the left increasingly believes that freedom of speech is their right and only theirs to control.
If Trump is bombastic, unpredictable, intransigent, unyielding in the implementation of his promises and polices so be it, as long as he “Trumps” the rising left.

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